Ezinne Ogwumah

A Story Intended Not To Touch


Glover Road, Ikoyi.

This Taxi was definitely the definition of a "killjoy", I mean what type of cab lacked an auxiliary cord ?

In the spirit of Bryson I had jammed to "overtime" a million times which I had plans to take that to a billion level but for this driver and his incomplete cab.

I stared through the window and admired my houses, my dream house of which I was living in one of these pent houses and I was brought back to reality by this young man.

"Aunty follow me buy market Na" he said. I smiled and scanned quickly through his wares of musical CDs and mixes ...

"Stories that touch" and it's scribbles with an exceptional art work

Ok how much is that, I asked him. "Just 200 Naira" he said. My Igbo switch turned on , "Ogini!!! Kill me oh!!! How much last jare?"

He replied "Ah Han!! Aunty oya 150", one look at him and the desperation on his face, I could tell this could be his lunch money.

With a shrug, I opened my wallet and handed him 500 Naira note and he gave me 300 Naira change, I just looked at him "Baba my 50 Naira?" He just smiled "Aunty Abeg use this one do me New year Na, Aunty me!!!". In my mind I said who is this one trying to whine?

"Ogbeni!!! Give me my change!!" I gingered him just as our line started moving and that was how that young man disappeared.

So back to me and my Driver for the day, I asked him if he had his CD player was working ,he nodded in affirmative...

The artist Falzthebahdguy

First time I came across him was on Instagram with his "Ello Bae" wave. I must say he is very hilarious and the uniqueness is top notch.

I must say I tried to keep up with the skit but the much I could grab, I laughed so hard that I became immediately immune to the heat and annoying characteristics of Lagos Traffic. My trip to Magodo was looking to be fun filled.

So after amazing beats and lyrics which a lay man could relate to, there came along Track 12 "Chardonnay Music". I tried to marry the idea of the title and the lyrics and saw myself drifting into dreamy thoughts of just being in bed and sipping wine after a long long day...

It took me back to the days of Black Magic's "Tommorow". In honesty am not a great fan of Nigerian Music but you can catch the likes of Eva Alordiah, Yemi Alade, Bez, Black Magic and of course a welcome party for this Falz Guy.

So back to reality, "Kawosoke"

I have had major moments where I appreciated every single Naira I spent on an item, I was experiencing that moment again, I mean this was the first time i was spending a meagre amount on something I wasn't going to excrete or misplace...

These stories in form of spoken words and music touched me to write a story which isn't intended to touch anyways.