Ezinne Ogwumah

Hello from what other side

"I must have called a thousand times"

This line plagues me so differently

So you must have called a thousand times...

I understand the generic interpretation.

Romance , love and all the other moistness but I'm paying an adept attention to the lyrics,ju is no good and, I can't help but think about the mind drifts a lot of h be junk ladies are passing through hor about to go throughu u.

lol how

These days on social media even download hto social outings, discussion and perception of what love is and how a relationship should be baffles me.

I understand love is powerful and all that there's is to it, I love to love and to be loved so let's jump hun pass the "she must be lonely" mental thoughts.

It breaks my heart on how these days many young prospective young ladies belittle themselves and single handedly squash their self esteem and confidence in the name of what they call "love"

The Pathway to love and foolishness is somewhat interlinked and a lot of ladies these days, walk the path of foolishness and claim to be in love.

Believe me when I tell you that some lady somewhere is stressing her vocal cords to the tune and lyrics of "Hello" and thinking of "her man".

I might also shock you that this so called man might be someone's boyfriend or husband and she is stupidly branding the "if he can cheat on her then he doesn't love her" forgetting the part where she made those strategic moves to distract the poor Man... Ahem!!! (Sometimes these men are to be blamed)

So what sorries are we saying, if he calls you NEVER?!!

Musicians and Lyricists share similarities to Writers.

Our words, passions and emotions show themselves in our works and in too many occasions we actually tell the mind of someone out there or sometimes we don't exactly, in modern day,we call it "catching subs"

So how often do we catch subs? How often do we ignore our common sense and go with our rare sense of ignorance?

It's very obvious he isn't the one for us but we still reach out hoping for a miracle.

It's very obvious that no man would leave his wife for you.

It's very obvious that a man who makes you his cheating partner will always make you his cheating partner...

So when do we leave this cold side and move on without calling out to the other side that doesn't need us?