Justin Taylor | Genesology


The term "As Above, So Below" is a part of the declarations engraved on the Emerald Tablet of Thoth/Hermes." The origins of the tablet are lost to us, but it's ideas are believed to have come from the Mysteries of Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom whom the Greeks called Hermes. Over the centuries, these teachings have inspired great works of art and science. They have given to us the formula by which ordinary metals can be transformed into gold and human nature into Divinity.

"What is below is like that which is above ... all thing were produced by the mediation of one being. It's Father is the Sun, it's Mother is the moon. Unite together the power of the things inferior and superior and you will possess the light of the whole world."

What we are told here is that what is above and it's reflections below are the production of One being. From above (Spiritually) every state in the process of evolutionary unfoldment (within/above) are expressed outwardly. This is limitless potentiality. Through this potentiality, we seek solutions to problems and answers to Life's questions ... many of which seem unanswerable. By apply the knowledge of natural law, we discover deep knowledge about our planets, galaxies, and even about us. These all share the same universal principles or Immutable Laws.

We are able to learn how we came into being through the Ancient Mysteries and Wisdom of The Ages. For example, at each new birth, our Spiritual Self returns from it's past states of being and into a physical body suitable for its present life's purpose. Upon physical birth, the process of growth continues under conscious direction under it is once again released from it's physical confinement in matter by the death of the physical vehicle. We can witness this same process among flowers, trees, birds, planets, galaxies ... One pattern, One Law, prevailing throughout just like Hermes/Thoth said so long ago.

Hermes also reminded us that the patterns for the future (the greater and unknown) reflect and repeat the past (smaller and known) and that the energy-thought and actions seeds we planted in the past, will bring about fruit today and tomorrow. Therefore, if we are careful what thoughts and actions we plant now, we will create a brighter future and a more enlightened world for the people to come. This Ancient Wisdom has the power to transform our spiritual training and experiences that can guide us through intuition, Inner Divinity, into Oneness with all things. Remembering, and Reuniting all that we really are. Spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.