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Alternate View of Fundamental Christianity


If you are a Fundamentalist Christian and are secure in your belief system. then move along without reading this article. If you are a Fundamentalist Christian and are wondering or questioning what it is that you have been raised to believe and why, then read on. You are not alone.

Let's begin ... and although I could on for days, I will try and keep this short. In recent years, many books and movies have been produced concerning a false teaching which has been called "The Rapture." Briefly, Jesus is to return in the clouds, gather all his flock into the air, and whisk them away to heaven for eternity. All the non-Christians will be left behind to fend for themselves in a horrible world and once they die, they will spend eternity burning in hell fire. That's the short version.

Well, there is no literal rapture. And to support it, various random Bible verses have been extracted out of content and with improper translation in order to have it seem expected. In reality, the story began as a vision by a 17 year old girl in Scotland in the 1700's who was sick and having visions (hallucinations would fit better) and then later this story was incorporated into Bible footnotes by Cyrus Scofield, and then later random esoteric verses were extracted to support this newly created teaching. Among the Orthodox, and Catholics, it is of no value and a non-belief.

Continuing on, there is no literal 7 year tribulation, or second coming of Christ. This is an esoteric and allegorical ancient teaching concerning what takes place within a person ... not a literal historical event or prophecy. An awakening, quickening, rising up, ascension of the Christ consciousness of right thinking within … after the mystical and esoteric crucifixion of our ego base nature self.

There is no literal person who was, is, or will be satan, devil, or anti-christ. This is a deep teaching concerning our opposer and accuser … our ego self. It is also based in ancient mythology as an anthropomorphized being representative of evil. WE are each of these entities. The internal struggle of Divinity vs. base nature Man … to become Human rather than animal … to become GODman (HU-Man). You are your worst enemy and when you defeat the enemy, you live in righteousness and goodness - love, peace, and joy - the Kingdom of Heaven.

All of these biblical stories of Adam and Eve, Job, Kings and Pharaohs, suffering, wandering, finding … are all inner mysteries about finding our True Divine and Good (God) Self. WE are all the only begotten of God … it is US who choose how to live and how this world will be. All came from one Source and one point of origin ... and that means each person and thing shares the same essence as it's Source/God.

The same allegories and metaphors are found in multiple civilizations before and during the writings of the ancient Hebrews and Christians. They are OUR stories … mankind making trying to make sense of why he is here and how to fulfill a purpose for his being. These are stories of deep inner Truths with a symbolic meaning (mysteries and metaphors) … never meant to be simply historical places, events, and people.

They are the ancient mysteries of old … and were taught to a select few initiates who wanted to go above and beyond the physical, to the place of metaphysics … through spirituality, philosophy, and universal understanding. There were mystery schools established all over the ancient kingdoms of Egypt, Greece, Persia, Sumer, etc.

Furthermore, the prophesy of death and destruction and the end of the world can never be unless WE make it happen. Prophecy is an impossibility. No one could ever know the future since we unfold the future at each and every moment. WE have the power to build a bright future, or a dark one. All we must do is wake up and realize the power that we each have. The word "prophecy" originally meant "to speak as if God was speaking about the immediate times and without change, what would lead to future events". It was not about predicting future events. Time is what we created. All that ever existed and will ever exist is NOW. There are no "new" things. All we have done is rearrange things that were already here.

We are not sinners that deserve to go to hell … we are the creative energy of what we call God/Source … created in HIS image and likeness. We are Spirit, having a physical experience here in Earth School. We are here to progress and evolve ourselves, and the entire human race. Heaven and Hell are a state of mind and being ... right here and right now. The afterlife is something entirely different. The word Heaven comes from the Greek word "Ouranos" which has it's latin "Uranus" which is the planetary name - given when planets were looked at as gods.

You may find these Truths now, or maybe you will find them later … but you will find them, and you will find them to be True. The church system has held people in bondage for far too long ... and they know it. They have destroyed, murdered, and stolen their way to the top and have controlled the masses for centuries. The TRUTH will be known by all … eventually. Imagine the booty stored beneath the Vatican in the Archives. Sixty-six miles of shelving, filled with everything they don't want us to know about.

Question everything … always … even everything you have read here. Do you own research. Enable yourself, empower yourself, and accept the universal right you have to live and let live … to create all that you want in your life. To BE the light of the world. All of the human race is One. It can be no other way. Our sensory systems are in our heads, in our brain. All that we ever experience is in our head. I am in you, and you are in me ... just as Jesus was quoted as saying the Father is in him, and he is in the Father.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.