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Alternative Origins of Christianity

Before we begin with this article, I want to warn you up front that it is not as sweet and nice as my usual style in writing about religions, particularly Christianity. I have done years of research, have gathered over 8,000 documents, hundreds of books, and countless thousands of hours have been spent investigating and researching these faith systems. What I will present to you today, is an alternative view of history that you will never hear from the platforms, pulpits, and televangelist community.

As is always the case, my disclaimer is that I present what I find and it is your choice as to whether or not you wish to believe it, investigate it, study it, or dismiss it. I have no desire to argue with anyone, nor defend anything. I believe what is Truth will stand alone and stand tall with no need for defense or apologetics. If you wish an open debate, professional discussion, mature conversation - then I am always open.

If you are comfortable in your belief system, and have no desire to know anything further or deeper about it - then by all means STOP HERE and EXIT this page. You will not like what you read. If you have always questioned why it is you believe what you believe, and are looking for answers, then please proceed.

I now present the following information for your consideration:

Caesar/Emperor/Saint Constantine created Christianity, and in the process, reduced the 53 Roman gods to one and made himself and the State sovereign, subjecting citizens to stupor, slavery and involuntary servitude.

In the year 325 Constantine invited 1800 religious leaders of the 53 Roman religions to his summer palace in Nicea to form a counsel commissioned with reducing the 53 gods - into one. Less than twenty percent of the religious leaders attended the Counsel. Those that attended argued violently for more than a year, reducing the 53 gods down to 5: Julius Caesar, Krishna, Mithras, Horus and Zeus.

With the Counsel’s inability to narrow the 5 gods to one, Constantine intervened and concluded that the new Roman god would be a combination of the British Druid god Hesus, with the Eastern savior-god, Krishna. Being stationed in Britain, Constantine was obviously familiar with Hesus who’s symbol was the crucifix. “Krishna” is Sanskrit for Christos, or “Christ” i.e. “Hesus Christos”. The letter “J” as in “Jesus” was only invented in the 1400’s giving rise to the “Jesus Christ” that story we know today.

In concluding the Counsel at Nicea, Caesar Constantine issued an "imperial injunction" dictating that anyone who did not follow “Caesar’s Rule of Faith” establishing the new god Hesus Christos (Jesus Christ) as the new Roman savior, would be made an anathema – that is they would not only be killed but any memory of them would be wiped from the face of the earth by the Roman army. Christianity flourished under the threat of violence, the Roman way.

Roman soldiers (and citizens who supported Rome through tax and tithes) were persuaded after their government made them invade, murder, plunder and rape their neighbors, that all they had to do to wash away the guilt and their sin, was to believe in Mithras / Jesus who somehow magically took on all their guilt and sin granting them a ticket to a nirvana called heaven if they just had “faith and believed” in the myth.

The Nicene Creed:

“But, those who say, Once He was not, or He was not before His generation, or He came to be out of nothing, or who assert that He, the Son of God, is of a different hypostasis or ousia, or that He is a creature, or changeable, or mutable, the Catholic and Apostolic Church anathematizes them.”

– Caesar Constantine’s Rule of Faith or “Nicene Creed” dictating Christianity as Rome’s religion under the penalty of death.

There is zero archeological evidence of the historical Jesus, Moses, David, Solomon, Abraham or any of the Bible’s main characters, other than some of the real political characters the book associated them with. Despite the Bible’s claims that the main character of the story, Jesus, appeared before kings, magistrates, clerks, large families, massive crowds and entire cities, there is not one single written eyewitness testimony of anyone who saw Jesus till more than 100 years after Jesus allegedly lived. The Bible is a book of myth written in the second, third and forth person; hearsay by definition.

Eusebius’, Caesar Constantine’s Historian (Propaganda Minister), admitted to writing the Holy Bible and handed Constantine 50 Bibles. In Eusebius’ 12th Book titled “Evangelical Preparation” in the 32nd Chapter he states "How it may be Lawful and Fitting to use Falsehood as a Medicine, and for the Benefit of those who Want to be Deceived."

Eusebius modeled Jesus Christ on the mythical character Mithras and assembled the Bible using myths and stories from other ancient texts such as the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Sumerian texts. The Ten Commandments for example, come straight out of Spell Number 125 in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Ten Commandments are no new codes of conduct invented for or by the Israelites, but were simply a re-stated versions of the ritual confessions of the Pharaohs. For example, citing the 42 Negative Confessions, the confession "I have not killed" was translated to the decree "Thou shalt not kill"; "I have not stolen" became "Thou shalt not steal"; "I have not told lies" became "Thou shalt not bear false witness"; and so on.

Psalms in the Bible are simply reworked Egyptian hymns from Thutmose III. The Old Testament Book of Proverbs, which are attributed to the mythical King Solomon, are translated almost verbatim into Hebrew from the writings of an Egyptian sage called Amenemope. The source documents of the Holy Bible can be found in the British Museum. However, the writings of Amenemope have been traced to a far older work called "The Wisdom of Ptah-hotep", written more than 2,000 years before the alleged life of the mythical King Solomon.

The story of Noah comes straight from the Sumerian texts, except Eusebus changed the main character name from “Ziusudra” to Noah (Utnapishtim in the Akkadian version). Likewise the story of the Garden of Eden is a paraphrased myth modeled from stories in the Sumerian texts which cover a 500,000 year history on this planet, claiming mankind was engineered 200,000 years ago to be slave gold miners by the Annanaki's Enki and Enlil.

Christianity a Synopsis:

A sacrificial belief system founded on the principle that harming another being/man-god in a bloody sacrifice somehow removes past guilt and “sin” and that belief and faith in the myth obtains followers a ticket to an eternity in a mythical nirvana called heaven.

Christianity was created by Rome in the 300’s as a carbon copy of the myth of Mithraism/Sol Invictus: Mithras the son of the sun god, was sacrificed to save the souls of his believers, he died and rose on the third day of solstice and was known as the “Lord of Lords”, the “Son of God”, the “Great Shepherd”, his disciples were baptized in his blood and celebrated the Last Supper.

Rome utilized Sol Invictus / Christianity to stupefy and control the masses and enslave the world. Mithraism/Christianity has been particularly useful in persuading Roman/US soldiers who have committed heinous acts that their sins are forgiven, allowing the government to get them to do it all again.

In the ages known, above any other religion, Christianity has cased more damage and destruction than any other religion. Built entirely upon myth and hearsay, with zero verifiable, archaeological, literal, and historical evidence for any of the Bible’s main characters or stories, Christianity is dependent on its followers believing and having faith in literalized fantasy.

Christianity’s Insanity

Regardless of historical fact or fiction, the foundational principles of Christianity remain the most ridiculous fact of all.

To suggest you can obtain a ticket to a nirvana called heaven by just believing and blaming a fictional man-god called Jesus for your sin, is as absurd as slicing the neck of an innocent lamb and thinking all the evil you did is on the lamb; or as idiotic as throwing virgins in volcanoes to appease the gods; or as evil as tearing the heart out of innocent bystanders to get the sun to rise; and as insane as any sacrificial stupor.

You cannot hang a man-god on a tree and expect to get a ticket to a nirvana called heaven just because you believe and have faith in foolishness. To suggest harming or sacrificing some other poor being somehow removes accountability for evil acts, is beyond insanity. Sacrificial belief systems are not only insane, but they are extraordinarily dangerous teaching.

Christianity’s Sordid History of Crime

As a consequence of Christianity’s insane sacrificial construct, countless souls have committed cruel crimes through the churches countless Crusades. In the history we can document, more people have been murdered in the name of Christianity than any other religion. Catholic Priests are amongst the world’s worst pedophiles. The last Pope who took the name Benedict to cover his sordid past name and profession, Cardinal Thomas Ratzinger, was the church’s chief pedophile cover-up man. Such is the nature and always has been the nature of Christian leadership.

To Come: Christianity’s Impact on current Politics, Banking, Law & Society and Rome’s takeover of the multiple organizations – you will be shocked at what a disaster Christianity has been for liberty and freedom.


The Christianity Threat

Eusebius, the author of Rome’s Holy Bible and Christianity caused untold misery, destruction and evil in this world. From here on we will call Eusebius “Euseless”.

Many elements of what Euseless put in Rome’s “holy bible” came from ancient teachings and contain sound universal wisdom. These elements are to be recognized, praised and practiced. However, what Euseless, Constantine and their co-conspirators added to this ancient wisdom, was a flat out evil and intended to stupefy and enslave the masses. These elements of the Christian Bible make it an extraordinary dangerous religion when people are hooked enough to believe the holy bible is the word of an all powerful creator-god of the entire universe.

Christianity Teaches: "What You Do Can Be Forgiven"

Forgiveness is not for the perpetrator, it is for the victim so that the victim can move on and forget. Forgiveness = forgetfulness. From the perspective of the perpetrator, what is done is done, it can never be undone. When you understand that the construct of our soul manifesting in physical form is for the purpose of growing our soul, the realization of the simple fact that each and every one of our acts makes up the essence of our soul, the concept of forgiveness from a perspective of the perpetrator is irrelevant. You cannot undo what you do. What you do makes up the essence of your soul.

Based on a ridiculous salvation through sacrifice construct, Christianity’s teaching that all one needs to do to make everything better and to get a ticket to an eternity in a nirvana called heaven is to sacrifice the son of god (son of the sun god) and believe that all your evil acts are cast on the sacrifice, is an extraordinary dangerous and damming construct. It is the very worst teaching you can give any soul manifest in human or any form for that matter. As a consequence of the sacrificial teaching of Christianity souls are completely deceived into believing they can undo the sins of their past and start afresh. Consequentially you can count amongst them, some of the most evil disgusting beings of all time. Study the Crusades, Inquisition, and all the torture devices and hideous means of killing non-believers or competition.

It is important to recognize that there is no difference between the White Pope’s teaching and that of the Black Pope – the Catholic and Jesuit fraternities. Both are based on Mithraism. Those who are fooled into believing they can wash away their sins with the sacrifice of the fictional Jesus/Hesus/Mithras are just as fooled as those who believe they can gain power through Mithras sacrifices.

To study the origins of Christianity one needs to study Mithraism and you will immediately realize that the worship of Jesus is the same as the worship of Mithras. It is ridiculously obvious that the character Jesus was modeled on Mithras. The Mithras Priest would slaughter a bull on boards over a pit in which converts/inductees to Mithraic religion were put. The converts were “washed in their saviors blood” and rose out of the pit symbolizing their salvation. These sacrificial practices were copied physically by the (Black Pope / Jesuits) and figuratively by the Christians (White Pope / Catholics).

No sacrifice however large or small will undo or forgive any soul of their sins and it most certainly will not gain the perpetrator of the crime of sacrifice a ticket to any nirvana. To the contrary, sacrifice piles more sin on a fool's soul.

Christianity’s fundamental sacrificial construct is the most dangerous of any teaching.

Christianity Teaches: Killing and Eating Animals is Acceptable

Perhaps the most dangerous teaching in the Christian Bible is the teaching that it is acceptable to kill and eat animals. What is so ridiculous is the manner in which Christianity justifies killing and eating animals. Euseless puts his fictional character Peter on a roof having a dream in which Peter “saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners. It contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles of the earth and birds of the air. Then a voice told him, "Get up, Peter. Kill and eat."” - Acts 10:11-13. And presto-chango, Christians think it is perfectly ok to kill and eat animals because god said so in Acts 10:13.

Christians are taught that the Bible is god’s absolute word, giving rise to their unreasonable and unacceptable belief system. However, when Christians are asked to explain, for example, where Cain and Abel got their wives from, they are stumped as the obvious illogical elements to the myth. Some how even despite the many ridiculous constructs in the bible such as the earth being flat and built on pillars (Job 9:6; Job 38:13; Psalm 104:5; Mathew 4:8) Christians continue to believe an all-powerful and all-knowing god wrote the bible. The obvious fact that whoever wrote the bible was far from perfect, somehow escapes Christian’s logic, yet when it says it’s ok to kill and eat animals they justify their evil act. Romans loved their meat and wine feasts. It had to have been included in their book.

Once the foolish teachings of Christianity are cast aside and you to the realization that your soul exists in one of many different life forms, you realize that animals have souls too. Clearly, killing and eating animals is utterly unacceptable just as murder and cannibalism are unacceptable (in some societies even these were/are accepted). An example of this idiotic and dangerous teaching can be found in Acts 10:11-13.

Christianity Teaches: That The State is Sovereign

The Roman Bible teaches that all governments are put in power by god. Pause for a moment here, and consider the implications of such a claim. Throughout history it can be irrefutably shown that the worst entities on earth have been the governments. If a god put these governments in power, then clearly that god is not only utterly incompetent and and feeble-minded, but clearly that god would also be flat out evil. Consider even later history and the evils of Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, etc.

One of the principle reasons for the invention of Christianity by Rome was to stupefy the masses into believing that some all-powerful creator-god of the entire universe put the government officials in power. In that way Caesar and the government officials could rule with absolute power and impunity, and never have their authority questioned. Brilliant isn't it?

To this day government officials and judges, even in the US, claim “sovereign immunity”. Sovereign immunity is the claim that “because god put the official in power the official can do no wrong because after all god put them there”. Clearly this is an outrageous and ridiculous attempt by officials to get away with criminal acts. Christianity’s government sovereignty or any sovereignty teachings is a serious threat to any and all civilized societies.

Christianity Teaches: Paying Taxes to Caesar/State is Proper

It’s quite intriguing how Euseless set out to deceive Christian’s into paying taxes. Rome was clearly oppressive. Any sane person would do everything in their power to prevent payment of taxes to their oppressor. So Euseless, who was actually far from useless, but unfortunately quite competent in his deception, tells the story of his fictional character Jesus being challenged about the question of paying taxes. Instead of going through the logic and arguments one would expect in such a “tax challenge”, Euseless uses fiction to detract from the real issues:

One can pickup the story in Mathew 22:15-22

Mathew 22:15 Then the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him in his words. [16] They sent their disciples to him along with the Herodians. "Teacher," they said, "we know you are a man of integrity and that you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. You aren't swayed by men, because you pay no attention to who they are. [17] Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?"

22:18 But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, "You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? [19] Show me the coin used for paying the tax." They brought him a denarius, [20] and he asked them, "Whose portrait is this? And whose inscription?"

22:21 "Caesar's," they replied. Then he said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's."

Eusless puts his character Jesus, in a juxtaposed challenging position to avoid the real issues. He sets the story so the reader understands that the question as to paying tax is a trick question that will entrap the hero. As in any novel, the reader sides with the main character and hero Jesus, who is put in a compromising position. Sidestepping all the tax arguments Euesless places in his main characters mouth the words “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s” and sends off the Christian convert with the understanding that good Christians pay tax. As a consequence, Christians throughout the world have funded and supported the most evil governments and their criminal acts for centuries.

Naturally if one were to address the real issues regarding the State / Caesar’s coinage and funding an oppressive regime, the inevitable conclusion would be that honest people do not fund dishonest governments. The actual message, if the Holy Bible was a literal book of integrity, decency and honesty, would be that citizens should most certainly not pay Caesar tax and that not only that, honest and decent citizens would most certainly not allow the government to create fiat currency. They would find a means that would benefit everyone equally.

Rome’s bankers own the private central banks like the US Federal Reserve Bank who literally funded all the World Wars, genocides and major wars since the Vatican’s bankers took control of it in 1913. Not only that, they intentionally triggered all the recessions and depressions at will. And what do you hear the Christian church saying about that? Pay your tax to the terrorist government and interest to fraudulent criminal bankers. Christianity must be crushed along with these other evil Roman practices. All three of the top religions in the world have had the Truth of their spiritual teachings usurped by evil Global Elite with a very dark agenda. This cannot be more obvious.

The Concepts of a Christ and Anti-Christ

Christianity’s silly sacrificial construct necessitates a savior, or their concept of Christ. However when you realize that we can prove reincarnation, and you realize your soul already has the potential of immortality, the need for, and even the concept of a “Christ” or “Anti-Christ” in and of itself becomes as ridiculous as sacrificial stupor. The only person who can save you is yourself. YOU are the Christ/Karest.

It’s quite amusing, but sad, watching Christian’s dash back to Euseless’ book and quote texts as though they were not written by a Roman scam artist. The Hegelian Dialectic weaved between Jesus and Satan clouds these poor followers minds to such an extent that they cannot see their inherent contradictions.


Christianity a Synopsis:

An insane sacrificial belief system founded on the principle that harming another being/man-god in a bloody sacrifice somehow removes past guilt and “sin” and that belief and faith in the myth obtains followers a ticket to an eternity in a fictional nirvana called heaven.

Christianity was created by Rome in the 300’s as a carbon copy of the myth of Mithraism/Sol Invictus: Mithras the son of the sun god, was sacrificed to save the souls of his believers, he died and rose on the third day of solstice and was known as the “Lord of Lords”, the “Son of God”, the “Great Shepherd”, his disciples were baptized in his blood and celebrated the Last Supper.

Rome utilized Sol Invictus / Christianity to stupefy and control the masses and enslave the world. Mithraism/Christianity has been particularly useful in persuading Roman/US soldiers who have committed heinous acts that their sins are forgiven, allowing the government to get them to do it all again.

In the ages known, above any other religion, Christianity has cased more damage and destruction than any other religion ... irrefutably.

Built entirely on myth and hearsay, with zero verifiable archaeological evidence for any of the Bible’s main characters or stories, Christianity is dependent on its followers believing and having faith in it's literalized and historicized myth and folly.


Brief Word About The Ancient Sumerian Texts (Clay Tablets)

An exiled Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru named “Alalu”, according to the ancient Sumerian text, discovered gold on Eridu (Earth) around half a million years ago. According to the texts, gold is used to protect Nibiru’s depleting atmosphere. After Anunnaki gold miners mutinied around 300,000 years ago, Enki, who was in charge of the mining operations and his half sister the Chief Medical Officer, Ninhursag, engineered mankind to be slave gold miners. The Anunnaki leader on earth, Enlil, however raided the mines and isolated mankind in Edin in Mesopotamia (The Garden of Eden). To Enlil’s annoyance, 100,000 years ago Anunnaki married humans and gave birth to the Nephilim. When planet alignments afforded the opportunity of wiping mankind out with floods, Enlil ordered the Anunnaki keep the impending disaster secret. Enki however broke the story and told Ziududra to build an ark.

Interestingly, the Sumerian texts could well be true. In 1908 a bad flood in the Paluxy River, Glen Rose, Texas exposed layers of limestone containing thousands of human and dinosaur tracks made around half a million years ago. Many thousands of tones of gold have been mined, where has it all gone? Is the Roman Catholic Church / Vatican a front for Anunnaki Extra Terrestrial slave drivers? In what is known as “The Disclosure Project” before 9/11/2001 at the Washington Press Club in Washington D.C., four hundred high ranking military officers and highly respected civilians testified to their experiences with Extra Terrestrials and UFO’s, blowing the wraps of the Catholic Church / Rome’s constant and desperate attempts to dispel any notions of life in outer space. Further leaks have exposed the many incidences and broad array of Extra Terrestrial activity. Naturally Rome owns the mainstream media and these astonishing facts are not only constantly censored, many of the people revealing them are either murdered or ridiculed in professional smear campaigns run by Rome’s media mercenaries. Keep in mind also, that the largest ownership of Observatories and Telescope locations in the world are owned by the Vatican.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

My thanks to C-Live/Soulisim