Justin Taylor | Genesology


Before we enter this topic, I want to issue a word of warning that what I am about to discuss, will more than likely got completely against what you have been taught and what has been placed into your belief system through church experiences throughout your lifetime.

It was Paul, who presented the true Gospel, the Good News ... a Spiritual Christ for all, and not a physical one-and-only. And this gospel, in his original and authentic Epistles was converted later into a literal-historical figure of Jesus as a man ... as the one God in the one flesh, of the one man who walked the hills of Galilee. So many of his texts were forged, changed, and turned into anti-Gnostic propaganda through the quill of the Church Scribes.

The true Gospel of Paul, was Gnostic. The concept that Jesus Christ (the Divine Spark of God and Divine consciousness who saves us) was in every man - as a spiritual principle ... not just one man who was outside of us to be worshipped and made into a single Deity. However, this is NOT what is preached in the churches today. Instead, it is a false Gospel of a man named Jesus Christ. This composite character, was given a name the Council of Nicea in 325CE which was finally agreed upon as being "Iesous Christos." They convened the council with the concept that this man, actually walked the Earth more than 2,000 years ago in the flesh as a real person. A person, who was to become God. They needed to control the masses, and re-unite the failing Roman Empire. This was the plan.

However, this was not the belief system of the early followers of Jewish and Christian Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Egyptian and Persian Mysticism, Hindu, Buddhist, and a host of other Ancient Wisdom teachings that had been around long before Rome invented a human God in 325CE in Nicea and wrapped him in a man called Jesus Christ. This was what was once a principle, and spiritual mystery, now having been converted into a man. The Christ, Messiah, the Godman. Many previous godmen were used as a foundation for this myth. There was Apollonius of Tyana, Mithra(s), Dionysus, Attis, Horus, Osiris, Zoroaster, Hesus, and a host of other names for their consideration. Iesus/Iesous Christos was the luck of the draw. With the later addition of the letter "J" in English, it became transliterated as "Jesus Christ." Christ meaning "King, Anointed One" in Greek. And Jesus (Yehushua/Joshua) meaning "God is Saviour" from the Hebrew YHWH (YHSVH).

The false Gospel the church preaches today is weak and powerless. The followers are not empowered with the true teaching of the ages. The horrible and atrocious history of the Roman Church has been revealed, and no matter how many apologies come forth from the Vatican, many in the world know that millions were killed in the name of Jesus, and the Holy Roman Universal (Catholic) Church. If the people had been empowered with the real and true Gospel, the would be able to walk in Divine power and Wisdom. Instead, look at the condition of the world today. Hardly the outcome of a man who "died for the sins of the world."

But instead, they follow, call upon the name of, pray to, and worship a false Jesus Christ. One who never existed. A Jesus that is outside of them. They sit in the pews on Sunday morning and wait for the day when Jesus returns to rescue them in the rapture. But this event will never occur. It is an inward change that brings about the "rapture" ... which by the way does not even appear in scripture at all. But, people around the world are awakening to the Truth that Jesus Christ stands for the I AM in each and every person. You cannot use the phrase "I AM" and be talking about another person. God's name is I AM, and when describing yourself you use the same term ... I AM Katherine, I AM David, I AM sick, I AM weak, I AM sad ... you are that I AM - THAT I AM - that God IS. Start using the power within to manifest what you desire without.

You are an eternal being with no beginning and your Life does not end with physical death. All men are Spirit, and God/Source is the Father of Spirit.

"Know ye not that YOU are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?"

1 Corinthians 3:16

The God IN you cannot be a separate God separate and apart from you. The entire universe is mental. This is the Law of Mentalism. All that exists, exists in the Mind of God/Source. Study the scriptures of all peoples, and all civilizations, and all religions. Research, ask questions ... carry a shovel and DIG. But be sure to dig deep. There are two thousand years of layers piled on top of the Truth.

Research the Christian Gnostics, the ancient Kabbalah, the Mystery Schools of Egypt and Greece. You will find the source of every single story you read in the Old and New Testament Bible. The names, locations, people, and stories have been changed ... for symbolic and heritage purposes, but the allegorical and metaphysical meanings of the parables and metaphors are the same for most of the religious systems around the world. "Knock and the door shall be opened." Learn and accept that the Bible stories are NOT literal and historical, they are allegories with much deeper meanings. Read between the lines. It is there where the Truth is found.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.