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Symbols of Christ and Neptune (Poseidon)

Lord of Pisces

Sign of the Fish


Sacrifice and Holiness

All ancient faiths and beliefs, with no exception, were based on the oldest science, astrology - the influence of the planets. The planets were representative of the gods in ancient Greece and Rome, Egypt and Babylon, India, and virtually all over the inhabited world. Our current world faiths originated in the very same ancient world. It should not be a surprise to find they are also all based on astrology, all recognizing One God/Source of all things (Astrotheology).

The Christ is a portrait of the great Neptune, the higher, Divine dimension of this Spirit, beyond the personal astrology of the horoscope. This recognition, based on the Kabbalah, gives us the rational, credible, scientific and multi-faith/Interfaith understanding of God/Source that we need in modern times. It strongly supports the esoteric allegorical/metaphorical message of the Bible, especially the Synoptic Gospels - the message of love and peace - but avoids the literal and historical exoteric interpretation and presentation.

The “Tree of Life” symbol (search the Internet for a graphic) is the basis of the Kabbalah, the esoteric tradition behind the Bible. The Tree is quite clearly an astrological map of the solar system with all the planets and Signs of the zodiac. This tree was, and is also followed by the Gnostics.

The Tree of Life reveals the astrology/astrotheology and cosmogony at the heart of the biblical tradition, beginning with Genesis 3.22 and continuing all the way to to Revelation 22.2, where its astrological character is confirmed, as to its role within ancient and modern Christianity. “The Tree of Life which bare twelve manner of fruit (the twelve Signs) and yielded her fruit every month.” This references the monthly cycle of the moon through the Zodiac. This is the annual precession of the Sun and moon through it's cycles and seasons.

Neptune rules the Sign of the Fish (Ichthus), the Traditional symbol of Christianity. Neptune is identified with wine, holiness, suffering, sacrifice and Pisces (Vesica Pisces), the age of Christianity. Neptune was the god of the fish and the seas, and Christ is constantly associated with the Sea of Galilee and fish. He guides his fishermen disciples to a miraculous catch, walks on the water and calms a violent storm.

Jesus The Christ is repeatedly ‘the true vine’ and the “lord of the vineyard.” Wine is the special sacrament, symbolizing within Christianity, his blood. Many more Kabbalah images throughout the Gospels confirm this identification. Far too much to cover for this one writing, but we will go into other details at another time. Remember also, that Neptune/Poseidon (Latin/Greek) had a weapon of choice ... the “Trident.” In Hindu Myth, it was the weapon of Shiva and was called “Trushula,” which is Sanskrit for “triple-spear.” This in many ways is representative of a Trinity. In Hindu, it represents Deity in three aspects: Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. The Trident was symbolic among many ancient civilizations and myths.

In religious Taoism, the trident represents the Taoist Trinity, the Three Pure Ones. In Taoist rituals, a trident bell is used to invite the presence of deities and summon spirits, as the trident signifies the highest authority of Heaven. Both Poseidon's trident and Zeus' thunderbolt were originally a sacred labrys, but later distinguished from each other when Poseidon became god of the sea, while Zeus claimed the right to the thunderbolt.

Spiritually, Planet Neptune is most closely linked with the work of the Soul in manifestation and is the vehicle for the Christ consciousness, which is at the Heart of Divinity. On the personal level, the indwelling Christ Principle is our Soul - more particularly, that aspect of the Soul which is Love. The Divine Spark of God. It is this facet of our self that we pray to and evoke for healing, nurturing and spiritual sustenance. Collectively, it is the indwelling Christ Principle in humanity which, when evoked, brings forth these healing properties from mankind. In the New Testament, Jesus defines “Love, Peace, and Joy” as the Kingdom of Heaven/God.

All the Universe is contained not just without, but WITHIN. This was the message of The Christ. In the Book of John 14;9 we are reminded: “... he that hath seen me, hath seen the Father.” The microcosm/macrocosm refers to the structural similarity between the human being (the microcosm: the small order or the small Universe) and the cosmos as a whole (the macrocosm: the Great Universe). Given this spiritual analogy, the Truths about the nature of the cosmos as a whole, can further explain the Truths about human nature, and vice versa.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.