Justin Taylor | Genesology


Pick something you would like to build from scratch. If you're not a "building" kind of person, then just use your imagination. Let's start with something simple and easy. Let's build a shelf to put above the wash basin in the laundry room. We're going to need a few basic tools, some materials, measurement instruments, a level, pencil, and some brackets, and screws.

But wait. Before we can get any of those things that we need to use to build "from scratch," first ... we have to build a universe ... from scratch. Because all those "things" are here, and they got "here" over billions of years of evolution and involution. Including the knowledge and the technology discovered that is required to have before it can be done. If you can grasp this, it will be a pwerful lesson. Everything that ever existed, exists, and will ever exists ... is already here - now. Where else would it be? Where would it have gone? Where does it come from. One of my favourite Old Testament verses says "there is nothing new under the sun." And this, is abolute fact.

All of creation just rearranges "stuff" that is already here. We make "stuff" out of stuff that already exists. Even cellphones, TVs, cars, buildings ... everything we use to make them out of is already here. It's the "material" we use to rearrange it into something else. We can't make dirt. We can't make water. But we can mix them together and make mud. But before we can make the mud, we have to have the dirt and the water ... which was already here.

Let's use a bit of nature as an example. And we're going to go backwards. Start with a huge forest. Before it was a forest, it was a tree, before it was a tree, it was a seed. Before it was a seed, it was a tree. it is an endless cycle of birth and rebirth. In many ways, life comes from death. In order for a seed to grow, it must be buried (planted) under ground. From there, it born from within the womb of the earth, roots reaching down, limbs reaching up. As above, so below. One seed ... therefore ... contains thousands of forests in a never ending cycle of birth and rebirth.

So it is with man. Contained within us, is the eternal seed of our Soul, an ongoing process of birth and rebirth ... re-incarnation. Eternal Spirit having a material experience. A child is born "out of the world," not into the world. AS a leaf sprouts from a tree. So now, perhaps you understand better why if we want to build something from scratch, we have to first start by building a universe.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.