Justin Taylor | Genesology



Think seriously about this topic for a moment. Please read this with an open mind, and not fear. Take from it what you will, but take freely. Do not criticize or judge, just think. Just let it be. You do not need to be in agreement, until you’re ready.

Now, look imagine a picture of the crucifixion of Christ. Look at it with your Spirit. Think of what you have been taught about this event. We will never know what really happened, simply because we were not there to experience it historically.

But if we apply the inner esoteric mystery of the lessons left behind, the message is a much deeper one; one that we haven’t quite grasped yet, because it has been kept from us. However, the Way, the Truth, and the Life have existed for thousands of years. Left behind for us to discover. But we must look. Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.

Perhaps it is US who must be the sacrifice. Perhaps it is US who must crucify our ego. Perhaps WE are the God of this world that creates evil. WE have created the illusion, and we must resurrect from the dead (ignorance), and be born again … of the Divine within, not the ego of mankind.

The ancient origins of The Christ places the Divine within us; each and ever person on this planet. Regardless of religion, colour, race, location, money, sexual preference, or level of education.

We are here to learn good, from un-good. We are here to lead with Divine love, Truth, compassion, and we are to harness our ego and teach it to follow, not to lead. If there is a sacrifice for the sins of mankind as part of this mystery, then it must include and be our thoughts and actions … pride, anger, greed, murder, rape, war, etc.

The lessons we learn can only be gleaned through experience. If we are the image of God, then why do we live our lives as the reflection, rather than the emanation? The movie screen rather than the projected light? It is not OUR life … it is LIFE. The air that each of us breaths has been shared by billions and has inspired and expired for billions of years. We are a piece in the entire puzzle. We are a wave, in the entirety of the ocean.

God, The Absolute, Life, The Divine, Source, The All There Is, all point to ONE eternal energy and it is whole (holy), not fragmented. Everything in this universe will live, and die. On and off. In and out. No exceptions. The cycle is birth, sunrise, zenith, sunset, and death. Even the rocks are living organisms with limited consciousness at a cellular level.

It is US who will save mankind. It is US who are commissioned to turn chaos to order, amorality to morality, and the unbridled fury of nature, into power and sustenance. WE are the animal kingdom (mankind/Mind), becoming human ... and establishing the Human Kingdom. To become HU-MAN, is to be as God (Hu), and as man (people/Mind). It is a process to reach and awaken the spark of Divine Truth within our soul. To shed the skin like the serpent, become new, and know that the process was necessary. Love your neighbor, as yourself; and all evil will dissipate.

WE are the OBSERVER, not the observed. WE are the WATCHER, not the WATCHED. WE are the EXPERIENCER, not the EXPERIENCE. We are the THINKER, not the THOUGHT. What you have been looking for, is what is looking … from within you.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.