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"The beginning, and the end."

There are three letters “I, A and W” that when spelled out, or either as a word, i.e. IAW and WAI ... have a very deep meaning. One of the reasons for the juxtaposition of these three letters derives from an ancient Hebrew/Egyptian God name “IAO,” which is pronounced “iaho.” The common expression for God, (JAH) is thought to derive from IAO. JAH, has also been shortened from Jehovah (Yahweh) and is also connected to the Tetragrammaton “YHVH,” the symbolic name of God.

The variant of IAO, i.e. IAW also has another meaning. The Greek letters, “I” Iota, “A” Alpha and “W” Omega, can be interpreted as “I AM the Alpha and the Omega” or another way of saying GOD. When Christ is quoted as saying, “I AM Alpha and Omega,” it means that "He" symbolically represents the “Word” (Logos) that is hidden within each letter.

“I am Aleph, א, and Tav, ת, the beginning and the end.”

The Aleph, א, is the first character in the Hebrew alphabet and represents God, the One, the First, and the beginning ... The Archetype ... Logos in the Greek.

The Tav, ת, is the last character in the Hebrew alphabet and represents a sacred enclosure or place, the most important of which is the Holy of Holies or the Temple, which represent the presence of the Lord. It also represents the eternal 360 circle of Life ... never ending Spirit.

The connections between the Word (Logos), the Alphabet, and Everything are inherent in the symbol of Alpha Omega (and the corresponding Hebrew Aleph Tav).

Using the famous aleph tav (את), the plain meaning is the grammatical, where the aleph tav (את), tells us that God created the heavens (Spirit/Father) and the earth (Mother/Matter). On an allegorical level, God created the aleph-bet (alphabet) and then used the created aleph bet to ‘speak’ the world into existence.

The Ancient Egyptian God “Hu” was also said to have spoken the world into existence. (Hu-man) The IAO is also sometimes transliterated as IEW, or with the advent of the letter “J” in English, it becomes JEW. This is not to mean Hebrew, particularly. This is an illuminated person having studied, meditated, and reach the Inner connection between Spirit and Flesh. Hence, the missed deeper meaning of a JEW being a chosen one of God, is by having become one with God and has little to do with geography and ethnicity.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.