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Let’s start off with a little etymology. The English noun “prophecy,” appeared from about 1225 CE, from Old French profecie (12th century), and from propheteia - In the Greek - propheteia means “gift of interpreting the will of God.” In ancient times, a “Prophetic word” was when. someone said something unexpected, as if it came directly from God and not from them. From the ancient Hebrew, the term for prophet, “Navi,” literally means “spokesperson” ... One speaks to the people as a mouthpiece of their God, and to their god on behalf of the people.

Let us not confuse prophecy with prediction. The future cannot be foretold simply because someone said they had a vision or a feeling. WE collectively create the future with each and every moment. All of us. The reality of the future is determined by our collective actions as the whole of humanity. In the original Hebrew, to "prophesy" was to speak one or more messages to others. Such messages typically involved Divine inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of conditioned events. This was to speak “as if it was God speaking.” It was not a specific foretelling of the future, unless it was based on karma ... cause and effect ... knowing what the same behaviour and thinking would bring manifest in form.

There is no possible way to predict the future, because the future does not exist. We only have NOW. This moment. The future is an unfolding of successional nows. If you believe that “God directs the path of the future,” then you would have to give up your concept of free will … which in itself is divinely inspired. The future, is what we make it. We can make it heaven, or hell. We choose ... we decide ... WE create it.

Now, for a moment, let me address the term “chosen people.” This phrase has wreaked havoc on the world, not because of what it IS, but because of what it is NOT.

The modern word JEW (the letter ‘J’ was not even created until the 1400's and still does not exist in Greek or in Hebrew) was a transliteration of the letter ”I”. Example, “Iesous: Ἰησοῦς” rather than “Jesus.” And for the word “JEW” ... it was “IEW,” and in Latin “IAO.” This was not a word to describe semitic peoples, i.e.: Hebrews, instead, it was a word to describe an illuminated state of divinity. In fact, the letters themselves tell the story. “I” the direct connection from Divine to man, Heaven (Spirit/Father) to Earth (matter/mater/Mother). The letter “A” is man, and Divine, duality reconnecting as oneness attached by the bridge between. And the “O” ... eternity, the 360 degree never ending circle, the Absolute ... the womb of the Universe, the origin and root of all things seen and unseen.

Through careful initiation, and Inner Wisdom and revelation ... when one recognized the Divine Spark of the Creator within himself, he was elevated to the status of a IEW/IAO/JEW thus becoming a “Chosen One of God.” This was not reserved for only the Hebrew ... and they knew this back then. Because of incorrect translations from Hebrew/Greek/Aramiac/latin/English … there are countless errors in the beautiful esoteric scriptures preserved by the Hebrews, Greeks, Egyptians, et al. Research Kabbalah and Gnosticism for the true history of the Inner Mysteries that became destroyed through the literalization of esoteric (inner) scripture.

Before we go to the next section, we should have a quick look at the etymology of the word “myth” (mythos). The word “myth” originates from the Greek language word mythos, meaning “word or tale or true narrative,” referring not only to the means by which it was transmitted but also to its being rooted in Truth. Mythos is that which is more than just literally true ... a deeper meaning or message beyond the fable or parable. Mythos was also closely related to the word “myo,” meaning “to teach,” or “to initiate into the Mysteries.” This is how the word was interpreted by Homer (7th or 8th century BCE) when composing his great works, including “The Iliad,” in which he meant to convey a Truth. Joseph Campbell described a myth as “something that never was, yet always is.”

The Bible stories are myths (mythos) and are coded for allegorical and metaphorical interpretation. When converted to literal events and literal history, the magnificence of their teachings is lost ... and the world is turned against itself, rather than unified. These are stories of OUR ascension, OUR crucifixion, OUR resurrection and OUR rebirth.

The “Holy Land” is NOT merely a geographic place ... scripturally speaking. It is WITHIN. “The Kingdom of Heaven/God lies within.” Jesus (the ego-MAN) is crucified at Golgotha (meaning the place of the skull). Within the skull of man lies the temple of God (hence the temple on the side of our heads). The Christ (Divine Spark of God), is resurrected within man, when the old man is put to death (ego vs. Divine/righteousness/Truth).

The Bible is NOT HIS-story, but OUR-story. The NATION of Israel was destroyed in 70 CE by Titus and his Roman Army. That nation is no more. The re-established modern STATE of Israel is entirely different. In fact, the very name IS-RA-EL was a metaphor for IS-ISIS(divine feminine), RA-(divine masculine - sun god Amen-Ra), and EL-EL(a completed essence of God).

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.