Justin Taylor | Genesology


As a seeker of Truth, I never apologize for sharing what I find. As a matter of fact, if what it is I am sharing is actually Truth, then it needs no defense or apologists. Truth is as a Lion ... just turn it loose. No defense needed or required.

So let's jump right into this subject. We see in the "news" (at least what is purported to be the news) Honour Killings, genital mutilations, children maimed and/or murdered, people beheaded, Christians and Jews murdered, and all reported to be by Muslims.

This has always led me to ask, "what is the significance placing blame on the label of "Muslim" as having committed these heinous acts of inhumane violence?" Have not "Christians" and "Deists" and "Atheists" and "Jews" committed horrific acts of terror and violence as well? History has proven that the greatest of genocidal operations have been conducted by the Roman Church at it's very command as the representative of God on Earth.

Even still, in todays society, a man robs a convenience store and murders the clerk yet his religious affiliation is not mentioned unless ... he is Muslim. People will say "well read the Qu'ran/Koran and it clearly describes killing the infidels, etc." More than likely, people who say this have clearly not read the Bible (or the Qu'ran) because the Bible is filled with murderous rage, even to the degree of wiping out entire tribes and animals. Need I mention ... that flood thing?

All ancient writings were originally meant to be taken allegorically and there is symbolism for every "killing," "sacrifice," and even crucifixion. If you take these scriptures literally, then biblically speaking (excluding the flood thing) God was responsible for the deaths of 1.3 million people, and Satan responsible for 6 in the book of Job. So then, ask yourself, who is the bad guy?

These are metaphors, parables, surface myth with deeper meanings. Followers of the Romanized Catholic (universal) Church brought us the murderous rampages against the Cathars, the Mohammedans (Muslims), Pagans, and anybody else that didn't accept their literal-historical scriptures as LAW. This continued through the Crusades, the Inquisition, and brought about the Dark Ages of ignorance and endless suffering amongst humanity.

If CNN were around back then, they would be broadcasting the hideous adventure of the Christians much in the same way we label people into groups and belief systems today. Pope John Paul even apologized publicly in 2000 for the atrocities the church had sanctioned in the name of God and had so badly shamed the Roman Church for so many centuries.

Here is my point in all of this nonsense. Whether or not you commit a horrific atrocity against humanity, individually, small group, or worldwide ... it is an act of hatred, violence, anger, derangement, jealously, greed, and any other of the negative emotions associated with murder, violence, and genocide.

I really don't care if it is a Muslim that did it, or a Christian, a Jew, or an Atheist. It is still murder, violence, and genocide committed by one human being against other(s). There is but ONE race. It is the Human Race. We ALL came from ONE point of origin. Whether it was created by a God, or an exploding star, we are an individualized essence of the entirety of the universe ... period. Water comes from water. We don't "make it." Life comes from Life - energy - eternal Spirit. We don't make it. We are not born INTO this world, we are born OUT of it. As a leave from a tree.

All beliefs (notice the world LIE in the middle of the word) are nothing more than OPINIONS. People take the opinion of others, digest it, consume it, and once they have made a decision (decide means "to cut-off), then it becomes their belief. It matters not to them if it is a Truth, or a lie (Maya/Illusion) ... they believe it ... and they act upon it.

If you had no sensory activity, no sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste ... you would commit no crimes against yourself or anyone else. People who do these things are feeding their sensual lusts and personal gratification for whatever gain they feel they are receiving. Whether it be money, power, greed, religion, politics, it doesn't matter. It is AGAINST the LAW of nature and the universe to destroy Life and bring about suffering.

Man, woman, rich, poor, Black, White, Christian, Muslim, are merely labels. Just like colours and names. The only reason coffee is called coffee is that someone had the opinion that it should be called coffee and everybody else followed along. It isn't coffee, it is merely a label given to a sensory object. Is a Zebra a black horse with white stripes, or a white horse with black stripes?

Teach humanity the Truth of Life, and the Divine spark of all of creation within them and that what we do to others we do to ourselves because there is NO OTHER. There is only One thing. The Universal Organism ... and we are it. All of us ... in unity.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.