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Jesus Didn't Write The Bible

Catchy title huh? Truth though. In fact, as far as we know, the Biblical Jesus wrote down nothing ... and left no writings behind. Think about that for just a moment. If you were a historical personage as famous as Jesus, wouldn't you have left at least some writings behind. Some teachings perhaps? Some instructions or some valuable Truth penned by your own quill?

Every teacher, pope, president, politician, banker, religious leader, public figure, pastor, etc. have written something in their lifetime. And for many, extensive writings ... something for their generation and the generations to come. Even Hitler left us his gigantic work "Mein Kamph."

Thousands of people predating the time of Jesus left behind their writings. Pythagoras, Socrates, Hermes, Epicurus, Aurelius, all left behind their philosophies, science, math, and spiritual writings. They even had busts and statues of their likeness which we still have today.

If Jesus was merely an itinerant preacher who wanders the hills of the Galilee, and was uneducated, illiterate, or had no language skills ... it might be reasonable to think that he had no ability to leave behind any written works. But clearly, this is not the case. It is said that he was well-versed and well-schooled among many ancient Mystery Schools of that era. Having studied among the Essenes, the Theraputae, and Buddhist, Egyptian, Greek, and Persian spiritual centers. Surely, he was more than capable of writing, and most likely, in Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

So why not leave anything behind? Why not complete volumes of his collective works? Possibly the most famous name in all of written history ... and not a peep. Not a letter. Not even a poem or note. Doesn't this strike you as odd? It did me. When I was a kid I wondered how come he didn't write anything? And if he didn't ... then who did? We know today that the books of the Bible were written by somebody. And we definitely know that the books credited to the Apostles were not written by them. The church will even tell you this. They are "Gospels according to ..." but not penned by.

So then, we have to ask ... "who wrote this stuff in the New Testament Bible?" If it wasn't Jesus, and it wasn't the Apostles, then who was it? The answer, is not a short and easy one. I have done extensive research on this topic over many years. It would take a small book to try and explain it all. But, suffice it to say, multiple writers, from a great span of time, utilizing ancient Wisdom and Pagan Mysteries, wrote entire works that got sifted through, revised, changed, re-written, added to, plagiarized, manufactured, and finally assembled into what we know as the Bible beginning with Constantine's First Council of Nicea in 325CE.

The "Word of God" as many would call the Bible, is a collection of ancient spiritual and celestial allegories, metaphors, and myths telling a deeper non-literal and non-historical lesson. Scholars today credit only 7 of the 13 Epistles of Paul to actually being penned by the same person ... Paul, Apollonius, or whoever it may have been. The rest are church forgeries devised to make the original Gnostic writings into heresy. The original "krestianity" teachings were empowering and directed at the illumination and ascension of each of us to a higher consciousness ... so that we would all become "the Christ/Karest/Krishna" through an inner metamorphosis.

The Roman Church, used these teachings, along with others, to try and bring about a Universal (meaning Catholic in Greek) Church to unite the Empire. It was a good plan from an Emperors point of view, but the teachings were lost when made literal and historical. These were called the Outer Mysteries. Still today, the higher echelon of the Vatican and other Secret Societies retain and know what the original teachings (Inner Mysteries) are all about. They use this knowledge to enslave people. Jesus supposedly said "you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free." Isn't it time you begin to find the Truth?

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.