Justin Taylor | Genesology


If you look around you every day, you will find references to Mythology and it's Gods everywhere. Not just car companies like Mercury and Saturn, but many other companies and their Logos. Here'a a quick look at some:

Amazon: Greek Mythology of powerful women warriors.

Nike: Greek Mythology the Goddess of victory.

Argos/Argus: Greek mythology an all-seeing giant with a hundred eyes.

Pandora: Greek Goddess who opened a box of evil and unleashed it on mankind.

Titan(s): Greek race of God (of which the Titanic took it's name)

Saturn: The Roman name for the Greek Cronos, the father of Zeus.

Trident: The three pronged spear carried by God of The Sea Poseidon.

Venus: Roman version of Aphrodite in earlier Greek myth. Also the planet.

And a much quicker list:

Phoenix: A car by Pontiac

Trojan(s): Condoms

Hermes: Purses and also the Logo for FTD Flowers

Atlas: A book of maps and a moving company

Ajax: Cleaner for household use

Apollo: A car by Buick.

Versace: Logo represents Medusa

Olympus: Cameras

Starbuck's: Logo is a Siren

Dove: Soap inspired by Goddess of Beauty (Aphrodite/Venus) whose symbol was a Dove.

Odyssey: Inspired by Homer

Echo: Toyota

Electra: Buick

Eos: VW auto

Pegasus: Satellite company

Mars: Candy and chocolates

Mercury: Auto company owned by Ford.

Midas: Mufflers and auto repairs.

Chaos: Name of intelligence firm in the TV show Get Smart.

Pan: Peter Pan, Panic, Pandemonium - nature God people feared.

Oracle: Computer company

Minerva: Oil company

Vulcan: God of smiths and forges - steel makers.

Then there are the Planets named after Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses:

Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus (Ouranos), Mercury, etc.

Then we have the Days of The Week:

Sunday (Sun-day), Monday (Moon-day), Tuesday (Tiu's-day), Wednesday (Woden's-day), Thursday (Thor's-day), Friday (Frigg's/Freya's-day), and of course Saturday (Saturn-day).

Of course, people's names can go on forever but here are just a few:

Athena, Artemis, Carman, Cybele, Grace, Daphne, Demetra (Demeter), Isis, Juno, Lilith, Lorelei, Marian, Penelope, Persephone, Rhiannon, Sabrina, Sheila, Angus, Arthur, Dylan, Griffin, Hector, Jason, Merlin, etc. An obvious endless list.

So as you can see, mythology is all around us. The ancient past lives on in cultural, theological, political, medicinal, and corporate entities - as well as peoples and places. And we didn't even touch geography yet!

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.