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Guardian Angel

Throughout the world much has been said in many diverse ancient and modern sources about the presence of our "Guardian Angel" ... a Being who remains with us from the moment of our very first physical incarnation on Earth. This "Being" is constantly watching over and guiding us during our progress through our many physical lives on Earth and beyond. ( Just to make a note, Christianity removed the concept of reincarnation from it's scriptures in the 700'sCE. Most of the ancient world and many of today's religious, spiritual and philosophical systems support reincarnation and the eternal energy of the Soul).

While reincarnation is undeniably true since we are energy and energy cannot be destroyed, the Guardian Angel is actually the very same Entity as our Divine Higher Self and is not therefore, contrary to popular belief, a separate Being, and is therefore - like the Higher Self - or more specifically the Inner Divine Self (as opposed to ego self) will communicate with us at a very subtle level, often by means of emotions, impressions, intuition or the “voice within” whenever necessary or when communicated with directly.

Such communication can be in the form of perceived warnings, advice, and such knowledge from the inner spheres as we might require to progress at any stage of our life here in Earth School, or onwards through the inner spheres of life. We must become more aware of our inner guidance system constantly advising through the still small voice. The ego shouts at us ... Spirit whispers.

Should we stray from our sacred path of learning goodness and right thinking and actions, our own Higher/Inner Self may endeavour to warn us by the most subtle but very effective means, but cannot directly intervene or interfere with our own freewill ... except in the most exceptional circumstances.

Our Guardian Angel, Higher Self, has full access to the inner levels of reality and therefore knows and understands everything about us including past, present and future incarnations, and all factors influencing those incarnations. Those who listen for and are receptive to the promptings of their own “Guardian Angel” will always take heed of such guidance because also being the Higher Self will always have our own Divine progress to in it's best interest.

As our own Higher Self our Guardian Angel should always be approached and respected with total Love and total faith, and always in the certain knowing our He/She is always with us and always will be; we never journey along the path alone. We can call upon this aspect at any time and any where. Because the connection is within us, it is us and goes with us always.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

My thanks to Adrian Cooper.