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The strange thing about the Bible's creation story is that at first glance, there appears to be no feminine aspect. Most genesis stories don't mask this fact so well as the Bible's account. But in fact She is there and in plain view. She is represented by the words "the void" and "the deep". The idea that God is both male and female is wonderfully represented in the East by the Yin and Yang, which is the fundamental symbolism of Taoism. The female is often symbolized in other cultures as the Sea, the Moon, or even Mary/Miriam.

The male, on the other hand, was portrayed as the Sun, the Wind or the Seed. His energy and warmth was active; not passive and receptive like the female. We find the same "idea" and "archetype" expressed in the creation of the sexes. This is but a picture of God; the Unity, the "many in the One". Because God did not create from nothing, but had to first split into Duality, called "male" and "female", he basically counterbalanced Divine Energies.

A Harmony between these "two Living Energies" exists. Thus we have both the male and female represented in the Genesis allegory. In other words within this Unity of One consists a Duality (the two shall be as one). Today we teach of the Christ (male) without his counterpart the Sophia (female) (Greek definition of Sofia/Sophia as Wisdom) but it was not always like this.

So then, this became the problem that later philosophers grappled with. How could the Father, who was supposedly Unchangeable and Eternal and therefore beyond time and space, make anything happen and yet remain Unchangeable and Eternal?

The ancients decided that the male aspect had to send his Seed or Breath or Spirit or "Energy" to affect the female aspect. This, in theological terms, will be the incarnation, the impregnation of the Cosmos ... creation.

Therefore, in the beginning there was first a split, and then an attraction (a love affair) between the male and the female Principles (balanced opposite Living Energies), and the result was our Universe. Now this is important. In later renderings of this metaphysical event expressed as an allegory, the Father sends his Son (seed) into the Material world, or Mary, the Virgin Mother. Is this now beginning to sound familiar?

This is the Descent of God, the Descent of the Deific Mind of God into matter, or as it called today mistakenly as found in our Bibles the "fall". In reality it is called the Law of Incubation. Not enough time to deal with the Law of Incubation in more detail - but for right now - this Law of Incubation is in reality the Descent of the Soul into matter, which was the same story told in ancient Egypt as the "Descent of the Soul" as Horus, "the Egyptian Krst/Karest/Christ". We are originally speaking of the "fall of mankind" or the "Soul/Mind/Krst/Karest/Christ" into matter; the fall of God into matter.

This is the incarnation of Cosmic Mind into all matter. Thus we have the incarnation of God or this "Mind of God" tragically misrepresented today as some supposed "literal fall of man into sin". Without the "keys" to interpret this ancient Spiritual Wisdom as it was meant to be by the ancients we read the shadows of these same religious myths in our Bibles and give them tragic mischaracterizations and misunderstandings; often mentally enslaving mankind in the process.

As depicted in the Kabbalah diagrams and charts, the ancient sages from ancient Egypt on down through time, even Israel, understood this Divine Metaphysical concept of the Descent of God, this Deific Mind, into matter in stages of Emanations. This is the "ladder to Heaven" which these "Living Energies" both "ascend" and "descend". This is the "Jacob's Ladder". This "fall" has nothing to do with original sin; that is why we do not find such tragic mischaracterizations of ancient Spiritual Wisdom in ancient Egypt and Judaism as the dogma of "original sin" as we do in Christianity. Christianity, simply misunderstood this ancient Spiritual Wisdom and gave it a completely different interpretation and never knew it.

These ancient writers, from nation to nation, used personification and anthropomorphic language (attribution of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to inanimate objects, animals, or natural phenomena) to tell the same story. In fact, the exact story is represented in Egyptian mythology when Isis conceives her son, Horus. The allegories show up in almost every culture of every time period and we never know this from just going to Church. These are but "pictures" never intended to be mistaken by readers or hearers that the subject of such instruction were "literal-historical" persons. These were metaphors, parables, and allegories meant for us to uncover and unveil ... the hidden Truth. This, is what "apocalypse" means in the Greek. To uncover that which is hidden ... a ... revealing, a Revelation.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

My thanks to Dr. Craig M. Lyons