Justin Taylor | Genesology


Over the years I have come to the conclusion that people, particularly Pastors, Televangelists, and the like ... get stuck in their belief systems by default, denominational doctrines, and fear of change. For example, you build a huge following, big church, all based on what you believed to be true when you started the whole project. Then, by default and fear, if your beliefs and intuitional guidance system changes ... you can't. Because if you do, you'll be accused of rocking the boat, being a heretic or an apostate. You're stuck. And stuck big time.

The only actual Absolute Truth that any of us will ever know is math. There can only be one correct math, in any language, country, or belief system. 2+2=4 always, and no matter what opinion any has about it. It just IS. You may use different techniques to arrive at the same conclusion but there can only be ONE right answer, always. Everything else is in flux. Everything else in the universe is in the process of change ... always. And we should all be able to change our minds, thoughts, beliefs, and actions at any time. We are here to experience Life and through these experiences discern Truth from illusion (maya).

I am a seeker of Truth. I always present options for consideration and always end my articles with "just a thought" simply because I may discover new information in my research that has a profound effect on how it plays to my inner Self ... ny Higher Self. I never want to leave a trail of dust behind me through any of my teachings. I present what I discover, and I have the option to change my mind and thoughts about all things at any time. Fortunately, being an ordained CHS Universal Philosopher and Member of Clergy, and an ordained Universal Life Minister and accepting of all belief systems, it offers me the freedom to dig deeper among the interfaith Truths that lay under the surface of all world religions and spiritual systems. Most of the things I teach, are of ancient systems and so very profound and powerful that modern day science, quantum physics, and philosophical and psychological systems are just now catching up and saying, Yeah, the ancients were right."

There have been several traditional Pastors, Priests, and Ministers who have come to the realization of Truth that the ancient spiritual Wisdom and teachings were never intended as literal historical events, but were written as allegory and metaphor, have lost their flock, their church, and their income by openly changing their beliefs and opinions. This is a sad situation because we are all here to learn and to grow spiritually. We're not here in this physical life just to go to school, get a job, party, and die of cancer or a heart attack. We are here to learn about the necessary evolution and involution of our souls. Our Spirit/Source Energy is what powers this physical machine we use as transportation while we are here. And it is through the awareness of Truth and the advancement of our experiences through discernment and connection to our Inner Self that leads us back to the point of origin of all things, wiser, smarter, more compassionate, and having played our role to actually bring Paradise and Heaven to Earth (matter).

So in closing, what I believe today, may change tomorrow simply because of the discovery of new information and my own individualized Life experiences, both good and un-good. When we apply something we have been taught, and it proves to be a personal Truth, then we have learned and moved a notch up Jacob's Ladder heading to the higher Christ Consciousness that is ignited by the Divine Spark of God/Source within all of us.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.