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A person's brain is the most miraculous thing in the natural world. It composes 3.3 pounds of "pinkish, grayish, jelly-like matter," and is incased in the bones of the cranium, and operates on 1/10th volt of electricity ... enough to power a small lightbulb.

The brain is composed of over 13 billion brain cells and has the ability to store (in a lifetime) over 15 trillion facts. That's way more than any PC or Mac. The mind controls man's 5 senses and directs all the motor functions of the body.

Within the mind of every person there is a conscious, subconscious, and unconscious division. The mind is much like a giant ice-berg, with 90 percent submerged below the surface of a person's consciousness. The 10% is what we are aware of ... what we are conscious of. The rest, pre-programmed operational functionality and anything else we feed it to make manifest in reality.

One cannot plant weeds and expect to harvest worth-while grain. Whatever one allows to be planted in his mind, is what will produce his character. It is man's garden. Whatever is planted, will bring a harvest of THAT seed. A person's subconscious mind will accept any, and all, knowledge and cannot draw a distinction between good and evil. It is not it's job.

Five senses feed man's sub-conscious, however, and God/Source/Spirit has given man a "brain" to protect his conscious mind. With the brain, man can accept or reject whatever he chooses too through free will. With the power of the ego, comes great battles and consequences.


The noun CONSCIENCE means "the sense of what is right and wrong." The adjective CONSCIOUS means "being aware" or "deliberate." For example: Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response. My conscience tells me so.

CONSCIENCE is a noun referring to “moral principles.” For example, "His conscience told him to return the stolen money knowing it was wrong to steal."

CONSCIOUS is an adjective meaning “aware” or “awake.” As in ... were you conscious (aware) of the speed limit?

Your CONSCIENCE makes you feel guilty when you do bad things, but your consciousness is your awareness. If you are AWAKE, you are CONSCIOUS. Although it is possible to speak of your “conscious mind,” you can’t use “conscious” all by itself to mean “consciousness.”


CONSCIENCE - tells you right from wrong.

CONSCIOUS - being awake, alert.

CONSCIOUSNESS - a state of awareness.


On the other hand, UNCONSCIOUS is the state of NOT being awake, especially as the result of a head injury - being knocked out or anesthetized. For example, "She was hit on the head by a rock and knocked out (unconscious.)" You see, an UNCONSCIOUS thought or feeling is one that you do not know you have."


Adjective of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences your actions and feelings. It's your crew. It runs the ship (your ark) that you live in. Here is an analogy that might help. The waking consciousness is the Captain of the ship -- the perceiver, the pilot, the navigator, the decision-maker, the order-giver. The one at the helm and is awake and mindful of what's going on. Your ego is the radar, always on the lookout and reporting back to you. Your Subconscious mind is both crew and power plant, following orders and performing their duties without question. Your body of course, as I mentioned - is the ship itself.

The Subconscious, has no sense of humor and performs at default and with conscious directional override. So it pays to be mindful not only of what you think, but of what you say -- or write -- regardless of what emotion is behind your verbage, because you WILL be taken literally by the creative subconscious ... with no questions asked and no opinions. This part of us operates as the feminine creative principle. It also runs your involuntary functions - the heart, blood, emergency response, attacking viral and bacterial invaders, etc.


This is the storage room. The garage where all the junk is stored. Everything you have ever experienced whether consciously, or unconsciously, is stored here. Try and imagine the final scene of Indiana Jones and Raiders of The Lost Ark. Remember the giant warehouse filled with boxes and cabinets and cases? Yeah, that's pretty much what it's like. Every sensory experience gets shoved down in here. That's why when you are trying to recall something of least importance, it take quite a while to go through the records. It's like the basement in the Vatican. If you need to remember the name of your Kindergarten teacher, you have to dig deep and it may take some time to find it. This is also where all the good and bad stuff is. Occasionally, we will have an overflow ... which results in a meltdown. Depression, anxiety, etc.


This is your Divine inspiration. The still small voice in your head that is difficult to hear over your screaming ego. Your Superconscious mind is your connection to Source/God. That quiet void of peace and tranquility that allows you to connect to the Inner Guidance System that always knows best. When we are led by Spirit, we have advantages and benefits for ourselves and others. When we are led by base nature ego, we have consequences and negative impact on ourself and others.

Remember, mankind (mind) has abilities that are far beyond what is believed that we are capable of. We are creators. We build lives and futures. We are the working physical body of matter that Spirit uses in this world the get things done. It is up to US, whether we do good, or do un-good. Use your CONSCIENCE to lead your CONSCIOUSNESS and do your best to think good thoughts. Because thoughts are things ... they are energy ... and they will manifest into form.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.