Justin Taylor | Genesology



What if you took a few extra moments today and paid closer attention to “now?” We spend too much time in the past, and the future is created by all of us one moment at a time, by our thoughts and actions. The only true place that we find LIFE is right here and right NOW. Each and every breath we take, is an inspiration; and an expiration. Essentially, Life and death. We inspire and expire with every moment.

Take time to look around at nature, at other people who have qualities and gifts that are evident, and are also unseen. That strange looking guy you saw at the convenience store, he can play guitar like the pros. The lady in the unmatched outfit, she has four kids and a job and still finds time to volunteer. Those flowers that are planted on the side of the road, they’ll bloom when they're ready, and never hurry or rush to bring forth their beauty until the cycle of nature says it's time.

Don't rush through your day. It's the stress of pushing the clock, and adding too much to your plate that brings about illness and disease. It's the stress that we allow in our lives that keeps us in our “fight or flight” mode for far too much time. We go to bed late, we don't get enough sleep and rest, we're up early rushing for work, stuck in traffic, and chasing deadlines every day.

There is an undulation (flowing up and down) within everything in the universe. Waves, particles, frequencies, consciousness, and even our emotions. Enjoy the ups, appreciate the downs. Learn to be good with both, and you will achieve balance and harmony. We were designed to be a harmonious world symphony, yet we spend most of our time as an out-of-tune amateur garage band. We are as waves in the ocean. Inseparable, indivisible, and in unity with all that exists in the universe. You are me, and I am you. The more I take time to enjoy, the more you will take time to enjoy. It isn't only laughter that is contagious.

Start fine-tuning your life. Master your instrument. Before you know it, you'll be playing perfect harmony with nature and not even have to think about it. You'll feel better, you'll act better ... you'll live better. And so will those around you. Operating from nature's default is contagious. Make peace within, and remember ... don't “give up” things. Instead “let them go.” Giving up is defeat, letting go is victory.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.