Justin Taylor | Genesology


In the Old Testament Bible Book of Genesis 2nd and 3rd chapters, we find the writing of the creation of the first man Adam, and his wife Eve; in what is called "The Garden of Eden." As the story goes, God creates this garden with lush greenery, trees, fruits, and places the couple in the garden as their home. They were allowed to do anything they willed except to eat from the "Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil."

The story continues and tells of a serpent tempting Eve and ultimately sinning against God for eating from the forbidden tree. Consequently, hey were driven out of the garden and prevented from returning or having access to the other tree ... "The Tree of Life."

Unfortunately, the bulk of Christianity around the world take this to be a literal story and literal event. They believe there is a literal garden somewhere, and that all are facing punishment for what has been labeled as "Original Sin." But what exactly is this Paradise - this Garden of Eden?

Prepare yourself for the deep teaching. The revelation of what is hidden within each and every allegory, parable, and metaphor in the Bible scriptures. The Garden of Eden is the sub-conscious mind of a human being. As we are all aware, it is our conscious mind that is awake and driven by sense and logic. Meanwhile, our subconscious mind as the creator of whatever our conscious mind feeds it. As Adam would impregnate Even and bring forth a child, our conscious mind impregnates our subconscious mind with a thought and it manifests into form.

The subconscious mind also plays a role in helping to carve out our beliefs. personality, and character. Even while we sleep, it is busy working to keep our hearts beating, lungs pumping, blood flowing, and it's responsible for guarding and healing us from illness and helping us to recover from injury.

The subconscious mind is also from where we get those hunches, instints, and a-ha moments when our conscious mind is still and not involved in it's constant monkey-chatter. This is where the Divine connects to the human, and the human connects to the Divine. You may want to even label it our superconscious ... our Paradise - the connection to what we call God. This subconscious mind is the Garden of Eden. Perfectly designed and engineered to operate our entire system at maximum performance.

The fruits of the garden, are our thoughts - figuratively telling what we wish to manifest in form. Our lives bear good fruit or bad fruit based on what is fed to the subconscious mind and them emotionalized. If you believe something with your conscious mind to be true, and that seed is planted into the subconscious, it will produce and bring forth the form (child) of those thoughts - exactly.

If you go outside in the cold and believe you will get sick, you will. Our conscious mind impregnates our subconscious creative Divine feminine and it will bring forth what is asked of it. The same works in reverse. If you believe that you'll be fine, you will be. The subconscious will bring forth whatever we ask of it. Whatever we have made the decision to believe. Like a Magic Genie, "your wish is my command."

At one time, humans were directly connected to this Divine channel of perfection, and the garden was plentiful and good. But as the allegory continues, God created mankind in His image ... and cautioned him to lead with his conscious mind. This was the forbidden tree ... "The Tree of The Knowledge of Good And Evil." The restriction was not to eat from the fruits of this tree. Not to be lead by conscious mind working on logic and doubt rather than solid faith and knowingness.

This is not to say that mankind has not made good use of conscious mind, but doubt prevents us from incredibly powerful and miraculous moments in our lives. When we give our conscious mind the dominance, we toil and sweat. When we listen to only our conscious mind, we suffer from lack, fear, guilt, sadness, and a myriad of other negative emotions and consequences.

The conscious mind is limited from the Wisdom (Sophia) of God. Humans have made subconscious mind slave to the conscious mind. The default plan was the other way around. In the garden, the serpent offered the element of doubt and fear in our conscious mind. By being driven out, and placing a guard at the gates, humanity no longer has easy access to the wonders of the subconscious mind and the abundant life within. It is sadi we only use 10% of our brain. In actuality, we use it all, and our conscious mind is the 10%. The rest is where the treasures of the garden lay hidden.

In the New Testament, Jesus was portrayed as Son of God, and Son of Man. When we are driven by the principles of our subconscious Divine creative mind, we become like Jesus ... divinely connected to the "Father." When we are led by our limited conscious mind as Adam was, we are Son of Man. Unlimited, versus limited. Divine nature versus base nature.

So, the Son of Man has to die, in order to resurrect as the Son of God. Our conscious mind, has to be sacrificed in order to resurrect the wonders of the subconscious and superconscious mind in our lives. We stop being Adam, the first man. And we become Jesus, the second man - divinely connected.

Allow good thoughts, love, healing, blessings, joy, harmony, and bliss to enter our minds, the subconscious mind (The Garden) will produce good fruit; and we will experience Paradise of Earth. We will once again have access to the Garden of Eden, and the Tree of Life.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.