Justin Taylor | Genesology


In the world of mathematics, one plus one equals two. In the realm of spirituality and ancient Wisdom, one plus one equals one. The priciple at play here is Truth and illusion. We must have two, to verify there is only one. That is, duality or multiple polarity of one thing.

We can choose from many examples of this ancient Wisdom. Black and white, hot and cold, soft and hard, rough and smooth, short and tall, day and night, etc. If it were not for the varying degrees of one thing, we would not have the contrast necessary to properly define the Truth ... or the principle at work.

You see, just as we are presented in the Book of Genesis with Adam and Eve (male and female), we are also presented with conscious mind and subconscious mind. We need to have both, in order to bring about unity and creation. But in order to achieve unity, the two need to be as one. This is evidently clear in procreation of human life, and creation of thought into manifest form.

The duality of all things is also neccesary to define and discern the principle. When you go to the kitchen faucet and turn on the water, all the ay to one side is cold and all the way to the other side is hot. Along the way there are stages of cold, luke warm, warm, mildly hot, etc. Notch after notch, we move further along the range between hot and cold. The principle is heat, and cold is the absence of heat.

The same with the volume control on your TV or sound system. It begins at minimum, and goes to maximum. As you move the dial, there are different varying levels of sound that get louder or softer depending on the direction and the position of the dial. Either way, its the volume of sound at varying levels.

We have to have these polar opposites ... like the North Pole and South Pole. For instance, in the old days of black and white TVs, if the screen were all black we would see no images. If the screen were all white, we would see no images. It's the contrast between black and white that let's us discern what the images are. We need both, to have the one.

Now, after those few examples, we get to spiritual applications of duality. Two more polar opposites. Just like "Heaven and Earth" as allegorical references to Spirit and Matter - masculine and feminine - Father (God) and Mother (Earth). They go together like Truth (M) and Wisdom (F). Ancient scripture was recorded as saying we are made in the image of God. What exactly does this mean?

This is a very deep teaching and will be covered in another chapter but suffice it to say we are patterned after the Divine Father and formed/created by the Divine Mother. When we look in a mirror we see a reverse image of ourselves. It isn't us, but it is an image we use to see what we look like. Once we see the real us, in the image or reflection, we no longer have a need for the mirror. It taught us what we needed to know. The actual image in the mirror is NOT us, but reflects us.

For now, let's wrap this up with how we started. One plus one equals one. We need two, to make one. There must be contrast. Like two sides of one coin. Both different, two sides but the same one coin.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM