Justin Taylor | Genesology


All of my posts and articles are based upon information I have gathered over many years of extensive research. And I mean OCD research. I have no expectations for anyone to either agree, or disagree with what is clearly an free and open sharing of my findings. It isn't easy to dig this stuff up. Sometimes you have to crush the coals before you see the diamond that awaits. Throughout this process, I chose to become and Ordained Interfaith Universal Life Church Minister, and Ordained Universal Philosopher with CSH, among other affiliations because I truly believe there is deep esoteric hidden ancient Wisdom found among all the world's religious and spiritual systems ... and these organizations are accepting of all of them.

But this article is about "why" I present MY findings. I seek Truth. At any cost. I cannot "walk by faith alone." For me, that kind of journey could lead me off a cliff, and I cannot believe, no matter how hard I try, that I will either grow wings, or something Supernatural will catch me. The word "faith" for me, as I see it, is defined as "a belief in something that may or may not be true." I want to KNOW (to attain Gnosis). I need to KNOW ... if not, the unknowable Absolute Truth (except math - because math is Absolute), I need to know at least what has become personal Truth for me in my quest during this incarnation.

I tried it some of the other ways. I was a Greek Orthodox Alter Boy and grew up in the Greek Orthodox Church - I was even President of the Youth Group, I attended and graduated from a Catholic High School, I toured the various denominations and non-denominations, and was still left empty. I was constantly taught to put my faith in something outside of me - this crucified Christ, when the scriptures said clearly that the Kingdom of God/Heaven was within me.

I know what you're thinking, "faith" is knowing what you have faith in, is true. But if you know it to be true, there is no faith required. This is just logic. If I told you I had $20 in my wallet, you would have to have faith that what I am telling you is true ... but you really don't "know" if I have $20 in my wallet. Once I open my wallet, and reveal the truth/proof that I have $20 by showing it to you ... you have "experienced" it, therefore you KNOW it to be true, and faith is no longer needed. Faith was just shattered by knowingness. Faith is also blind. Because if I had opened my wallet and there was no $20, your faith would have still been shattered by a lie. Either way, you now KNOW that I had the $20, or you will know if I did not. Faith dissolves into nothingness, once the knowingness presents it's Truth.

I am more of a Philosopher and truly love studying Ancient Wisdom, Theology, Metaphysics, Astrotheology, Cosmology, Science, Physics, etc. I am not a man of blind faith. In fact, my journey of many years has taken me from Orthodox Christian, to Bible based non-denominational Christian, to Deist, to Agnostic, to Atheist, to Spiritualist, and finally having come to an personal understanding of who and what God/Source/Truth/Life is ... I have a stronger spiritual life now, than I ever had before in my entire life. Yet, I have been labeled as an apostate, a heretic, and a non-believer. In fact, I have been told to my face that I will be condemned to burn in the fires of hell for all eternity. A sad judgement from a religion who's Holy Scriptures say "do not judge," and God is the essence of love, keep no records of wrong, is forgiving and filled with grace, etc.

I never look to argue, or tell people they are wrong, or get defensive over my findings and beliefs ... even though most times I am met with opposition, at times very harsh opposition. I simply tell everyone that there is more to the story than they have been told from the pulpit. What I do is present my findings, thoroughly researched from many sources, including the Life Spirit and Christ consciousness within me, and then I present it to others for their consideration. I just tell folks it's like rubber necking at an accident. If you don't want to see the results ... keep driving, tun your head the other way, or keep scrolling down the page online and don't look.

There is an old saying that the Truth is like a Lion. It needs no defense, it just needs to be set free from captivity. Remember, even in the darkest of night, the sun shines brightly elsewhere on Earth. The Moon is there to remind us as an image of the sun but without it's own light, that being the sun is a 24 hour job. The sun never goes down, it goes around. We eventually found the earth wasn't flat, and now there is no need to defend the findings. We just KNOW. We also have found out that we are as the Moon. We have no light of our own, except for that deep light within us reflecting the image of Source Energy/God from where all things emanate.

Your Spirit (Christ consciousness) will speak to you from within - when the time is right on your journey. You'll experience many "ah-ha" moments along your sojourn here in this foreign land until it is time to return home from whence you came. We are all an individualized essence of the entire universe. All came from one Source ... one point of origin, and therefore, all things contain an element of that creative Source Energy that we simply choose to call God/Life. The Ancients knew it, and now, modern Science and Quantum Physics have proved it.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.