Justin Taylor | Genesology


Today while scrolling through the FB Wall, I hadn't realized how disturbing the "auto-video" feature was until a posted video began to play without me wishing to see it. It was very disturbing ... deeply disturbing. So much so that I have spent the entire day battling with my mind to replace it with something positive.

This has been quite a battle. Obviously, there is a lesson in this experience. So, what do I do but look for an apocalypse ... an unveiling or revelation of what the deeper message is. There are two things that I must deal with now. First, replacing the unimaginable event captured by my mind through the viewing of a mere moments of this video. And secondly, what will I learn bout the process of replacement as I struggle with my mind and it's ability to capture forever an image using no discretion whatsoever.

This is our mind. Open to receive all that it can ... consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously, and superconsciously. What an amazing filing cabinet we have been given as human beings. We can receive at will, and without will. Our subconscious has no morals, no ethics, no conscience. It will generate actions on it's own, or through conscious instruction. It operates my breathing without me even thinking about it. Yet, I can step in consciously and also control my breathing.

In the same way, it can bring forth into manifestation whatever thoughts I may have. It has no discretion. "Your wish is my command" is the default setting. This being said, it is up to my awakened conscious mind to discern the right thoughts, gathered in the right format, knowing that good or unhood, the mind will make manifest whatever I choose. This is why I must guard the gates to my mind. Watching carefully what I allow entry to. Once these thoughts get past the gates, there is no longer any security.

But my ego ... that thing that opposes my Spirit Intuition, jumps in front of me and says "let's see what this is all about." It's like the radar on ship. Always searching for signs of trouble and expecting to find it. This scenario reminds me of the esoteric meaning of Matthew 16:23 in the NT Bible where Jesus is quoted as saying to Peter "get behind thee satan!" You see, it was Peter as Ego, jumping in front of Jesus as Spirit; and attempting to lead with a self-serving choice rather than discerning what was right for all. This is OUR Opposer ... our satan ... our EGO.

In order to defeat this dark force, we must be mindful of the consequences of our decisions. If we make the right decision(s), then ourself and others will benefit. If we make an error in our decision and do not choose righteously, the ourself and others will suffer. This is Law. Universal Law ... Karma. The Sanskrit word "karma" means "doing." Therefore, when we cause something, the results becomes our doing. This is the Law of Cause & Effect. It is immutable.

So what do I do with this image that is now burned into my recollective subconscious mind? I cannot simply "not think about it" because that would go against the Divine design of my subconscious. The subconscious does not understand "don't" won't" or anything in a negative form. If I say "I will NOT have a bad day," the only thing the mind hears is BAD DAY and that is what it will manifest. So, just as we cannot draw a picture of someone NOT walking, the mind can't understand what NOT means. If you are not walking, you are doing something else.

I have to REPLACE the thought with something positive. I have to burn newer, fresher neural pathways that can overpower the images that I wish to replace in my memory storage. I cannot leave a VOID in place of that image, I must FILL the VOID with something else. In the same way that people who have quit smoking, often find they need a pen in their hand or a toothpick in their mouth. You have to REPLACE the image with something else because you can't leave an empty hole.

So today I spend extra time creating new positive thoughts. Having new positive experiences. Building new pathways in my mind and over time, I can push the negative experience deep into the recesses of my unconscious mind where I can't have easy access to it again. In computer speak ... I need to dump my RAM onto a thumb drive and shove it in a drawer somewhere ... and label it as "harmful."

I hope this has helped you with some of your negative experiences and how you can learn better how to deal with them. As always, question everything, and accept nothing until it speaks to your Spirit. Deep down inside you KNOW the Truth when you hear it. It vibrates with your Higher Self and you begin to re-member, what you knew all along.

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.