Justin Taylor | Genesology


What if you were to spend let's say, the first 15 years of your life as a normal child, living a normal life, having a normal family, and normal schools and friends. Your parents mean the world to you. You would do anything for them. Then one day, after a nice Holiday Dinner, they present to you something that is so shocking and powerful that it could stop time. They tell you that asa a baby, they adopted you from someone who could not afford to raise you. They tell you they are not your real parents.

You have spent 15 years of your life believing, and having no reason not to believe, that these two people were your Father and Mother. There was no reason to doubt it. It is all that you ever knew, or experienced. You call them Dad and Mom. You live in their home, and they have fed you, clothed you, and taken care of all your needs as if they were really your biological parents. Yet, they are not. They never were. It was never true. And you just found out about it. Try and imagine the shock, the unreal feeling that what you just learned was the actual Truth, and what you had thought to be the Truth all along, was an illusion.

It would be devastating news. Even though you love this Father and Mother and would've laid down your life for them, they are not who you thought they were. In some dark and sad way, it was a lie. You had been under the spell of a lie - an un-Truth. Would it change your feeling towards them? Would it change their feelings towards you? Was their love for you all these years real, or because they felt sorry for you? All this and more would race through your mind at 275MPH as your thoughts scramble to sort through it all and make sense of what is now known.

Now, with this scenario in your mind, I want you to consider something of similar proportions. Perhaps even greater. And that is what you have been raised to believe about your faith, your religion, your God, your Saviour, was all metaphor for something entirely different. What you believed to have actually been literal and historical, never was. It never happened. It was all fables, myths, stories, parables, allegories and metaphors with a completely different meaning than that of an historic and literal presentation. You would do all that you could to defend your beliefs. These are the way you have always believed. The stories, the locations, the people and geography ... all symbolic and never literal. How would you feel then?

After many years of study and research into ancient Wisdom, symbolism, Theology, Philosophy, religions, civilizations, customs, rituals, and dying/resurrecting godmen, I had to arrive at the conclusion that all I had believed all my life had simply been stories. Stories that contained deeper meanings and Truths, but nonetheless ... stories, myths, and fables. It was shattering. "How could this be?" I had asked my self time and time again. How could nearly a third of all humanity on the planet today believe something literally happened when it literally never did? How could history be written, re-written, altered, added to, taken from, how ... how ... how - and for God's sake WHY?

This is what I came to simply call "MPG." Money, Power, and Greed. At the First Council of Nicea in 325CE, Emperor Constantine called a gathering of "spiritual and religious" leaders in Nicea (Turkey) to a think tank of sorts. His idea was, that if he could take all of the ancient Wisdom from multiple civilizations about God(s) and what people believed, and could wrap it in skin and turn it into a walking, talking, man ... God in the flesh ... then he could re-unite his Kingdom under one universal (catholic is the Greek word for universal) faith system, he could bring about order and unity among the warring factions and control the commoners with this cleverly devised system of faith.

Jesus (Yehushua, Yeshu, Joshua, YHSWH) as a principle and a spiritual Christ or Messiah (Saviour and King) was a way of Life. Igniting the Divine Spark of God within each and every man ... not just one who walked the hills of the Galilee. This "Christ" or Krishna, Krestus, Krst, and many other labels, had existed 10,000 or more years before the formation of modern Christianity. The Jesus Christ of the New Testament, was created, born, and released in Rome from the collective scriptures and collaborations under the guidance of Constantine ... in 325CE. Not in the year zero. Later, the church changed the calendars to fit their needs. The term of "BC" originally meant "Before Caesar" since the Emperor of Rome was considered to be the representative of God on earth and was worshipped and accepted as such. The Jesus devised and developed at the Council, was a collaboration of many wise and ancient sages and Hierophants such as Apollonius, Attis, Mithra(s), Krishna, Horus, Osiris, Heracles, Prometheus, Dionysius, and Simon Magus just to name a few. He was a conglomerate Saviour, wrapped in flesh, presented as King or Christos ... the anointed one.

There is far too much more for just one article, but suffice it to say, there are many deep and ancient Truths hidden beneath the layers of imagined literal and historical events and peoples. All the names, places, stories, have symbolism. All of them taken from earlier civilizations and stories predating the Hebrews, and the scriptures they scribed for their people from what they had learned from the Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, and anyone else along the trade routes during those ancient times. Keep in my mind as I close this that Jesus was quoted as saying "hate you mother and father, brothers and sisters, etc" because the Inner Mysteries reveal that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience, and that our True Father and Mother are the point of our spiritual origins.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.