Justin Taylor | Genesology



There are certain immutable Laws in our Universe that are never changing, cannot be broken, cannot be amended, yet ... we can find ways they can be transgressed. Herein, lies the problem. In short, these handful of Laws are Ablsolute. Never changing, always were and always will be. Below, pleas find the basic Seven Laws/Principles as defined so very long ago by Hermes/Thoth/Enoch (same person):

- Mentalism: This Principle embodies the Truth that the entire Universe is an infinite living Mind, Universal Mind, and Consciousness, of which everything and everyone is an integral aspect. (The Field/Matrix)

- Correspondence: Everything in the entire Universe, without exception is subject to Divine order, otherwise, there would be chaos, and the Universe would collapse in an instant.

- Vibration: The basis of the Principle of Vibration is that everything in the Universe is constantly in motion. Nothing ever rests, not even for a single moment.

- Polarity: The Principle of Polarity affirms the fact that everything in the Universe displays duality, i.e. having two poles. This Principle also provides for the fact that there are no absolutes in nature. For example, when people refer to “hot” or “cold,” these are not absolutes. They are rather degrees of heat and degrees of cold relative to, or in comparison with each other. There are therefore no extremes, but rather only degrees of the same thing. North and South, East and West are merely degrees of direction.

- Rhythm: The Principle of Rhythm encompasses the truth that there is always action and reaction along the same axis of polarity. Everything has highs and lows. The entire Universe operates in these cycles of rhythm, also known as "cycles". Ups and downs, ins and outs, waves and particles, etc.

- Cause And Effect: The Principle of Cause and Effect, also known as “Causation.” Some would say this is the most important and exalted Principle. The Principle of Cause and Effect is based upon the Truth that nothing in the entire Universe ever happens by chance. Everything, including every thought and every action, results in an “effect,” always being associated with a preceding and directly corresponding “cause.” There can never be any exceptions to this Principle. See also: karma.

- Gender: The Principle of Gender embodies the Truth that everything in the Universe has both masculine and feminine Principles. This Principle not only applies to humans, animals or other life where it manifests in the physical world, but to everything in creation, animate or inanimate.

When we talk about People of Power, World Leaders, Financial Comptrollers, etc. you would be smart to realize that they have a knowledge and understanding of these Laws ... and most regular and common people DO NOT. This is one of the very reasons why they rule the world. The KNOW the Laws, they apply them, and they always work ... whether you choose to believe it or not. The Laws don't care how you use them, they just are. There are people that use them for good, and there are people who use them for un-good. This is just fact.

When you learn and put into practice these Universal Laws for the sake of the goodness of all living things, there are benefits beyond your imagination. We can literally change the ways of the world by applying these Laws. We can create benefits rather consequences for all of humanity, for our animal and plant life, and for all the Earth.

These Laws are in effect, immutable, and cannot be changed. We must work within the confines and boundaries of these Principles in ALL that we do. Our thoughts, ideas, actions, and our attitudes. Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of “freedom” but what we really mean is “liberty.” You see, total freedom to do anything we want would bring about anarchy and chaos. But to be free to do anything we want within certain guidelines and parameters, brings about Liberty. It is “liberty and justice for all” that was established by the Founding Fathers of America. We have to have rules and laws, and work within those boundaries for the benefit of ALL.

Once we have a true understanding of these Principles, Life will improve greatly for all of the Universe. Ancient Wisdom reminds us:

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

-Proverbs 23:7

“... as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.”

-Matthew 8:13

“,,, intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect) ...”

-Principle of Karma

This is cause and effect. Action and reaction. As we think, we become. Everything begins in thought before it manifests into form/matter, and when you understand the Universal Laws, you can change the way you think, and change your reality. And when you change the way you think, you can change your Life, for yourself and for other.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.