Justin Taylor | Genesology


I was thinking today ... and that's a very dangerous activity for me sometimes. Within each and every family at times there is strife and disagreement. Sometimes hurt and misunderstanding. But through it all, our ability to rise above these things is what defines us as reasoning human beings.

There are times however, no matter how we try, that these problems do not get resolved. Then one day ... someone goes and dies. At that point ... it is too late. Think about who it is and why it is that you are holding a grudge and ill feelings towards ... then release it ... and remove it. It is not worth the pain and sorrow that it leads to. Do not judge the experience, just observe it, acknowledge it, and detach it.

If someone has planted a weed in your garden, pick the WEED ... don't poison the whole garden. Forgiveness releases YOU of the burden. Drop the baggage ... make amends. No one gets out of this world alive ... and we're here to learn by our error in judgment ... and not to punish others for theirs.

The first time we err its a mistake ... the second time its a choice. Forgive ... let go ... before the other person is gone with no chance for reconciliation.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.