Justin Taylor | Genesology


Who was it that crucified Jesus in the Bible Story? Was it the Romans? No ... the Governor sought to save Him. Was it the Hebrews? No ... it was not.

It was the Priests, the ones who crucified the Truth then as they do now. They reference scripture as if it were literal and historical. They dare not spread the word of Truth to the followers, because it would empower each and every person and the church would no longer be needed. The Divine was hidden within mankind as a pearl in an oyster. Once the valuable pearl is found within the creature, the shell where it lay hidden is no longer needed.

Jesus, the lead in this Passion, is the Life Principle. His silence, the unconscious mind. His courage, the purpose of the Divine Spark of God. The Son of God snd the murderous Barabbas are one in the same. Do your research. Barabbas' first name was Jesus. Bar-Abbas means literally "Son of The Fathers." Therefore, they are one in the same. Representing creative consciousness, and violent energy.

Much like the Cain and Abel myth of Genesis. It is as Set vs. Horus from Egypt, and the ruthless Romulus of Rome. Violent energy dominating Divine mind. Chaos, versus Order. Earth Versus Heaven. It is US who bring about order from chaos. Would we consider the destructive powers of nature a gift from God? Thousands siffer and die from earthquakes, storms, mudslides, etc. How Divine do we believe these events to be? They are the unbridled fury of nature. We must learn to live with the Laws, or learn to bring about as much order as is possible among humanity.

Beware of who you entrust your Soul and your spirituality to. Remember, it was the Priests that killed the Truth, the Way, and the Life. Do your research. Study ancient spiritual Wisdom and Pagan philosophies. Truth, is as a Lion. It needs no defense, it merely needs to be released from captivity.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.