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In this writing, we talk a bit about Cosmology and the emergence of our Inner Light. This article involves not just a Trinity, but a Quaternity (union of a group or set of four). My granddaughter has been named Sofiah (Sophia) and it pleases me spiritually. You see, this “Sophia” (Greek for Wisdom/feminine) and her Inner Spark provide us with a completion of the original creation of the Trinity. The actual Quaternity, involves Father (God/Source), Divine Mother (Great Emanation) and then paired with the offspring of the two ... the Logos and His consort, Sophia. The Greek Goddess of Wisdom.

To say the least, Sophia is vastly important in the role of cosmology. We ourselves awaken the Divine Spark of Light within, and join with our Christ consciousness to complete the cycle of base nature animalistic man, to resurrection as the Divine Christ or Higher Self ... Godman. The Light body of Christ ... as Paul wrote ... “we are the body of Christ.”

Consider this:

The Unknown God or “Agnostos Theos” (Ancient Greek: Ἄγνωστος Θεός) is a god mentioned by the Christian Apostle Paul’s speech in Acts 17:23. The ancient Greeks worshipped a deity they called "Agnostos Theos"; that reference is to the “Unknown God.” Plato wrote of the One who is “neither named … nor known. The Founding Fathers of the Christian Church were fond of quoting Plato in order to show that the philosopher urged pagans to seek out the unknown god. The patristic tradition of the church is nearly unanimous in recognizing Christ as a type of hierophant of Divine Mysteries.

“Christ had left men with no excuse for ignorance, since he was the visible image of the invisible God and the revealer of the divine mystery.”

-Colossians 1:15

Now, consider this:

“In the beginning, there was Source, an unknown God, All That Is. This being was All that there was, as there was no other. This Being had within all that it knew. The crisis of solitude led this Being to let go and allow for what was within him, to express itself outwards, and this happened in a burst of Light.”

This Great Emanation (Ruach/Pneuma/Holy Spirit) that was the burst of Divine Light came from the original unfathomable Godhead. What She would call “Father” and saw the face of the Godhead who would be known as “The Ancient of Days.” In the amazing writings of Manly P. Hall in the book “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” he depicts the relationship between the original Godhead, “Divine Mind” (which released cosmic thought) - the Cosmic Light which in Greek is "Pronoia" (forethought/feminine) used as Divine Maternal Being in Gnostic texts ... the Thought that emerges from Divine Mind.

From a union of Love, between the Ancient of Days, and the Emanating Spirit (Father/Mother) came the Logos (Word) which is the Christ (Christos) ... Eternal and beyond any religious system. It is this identity incarnated into the physical vehicle (body/soma) of the Christ that brought to us the Wisdom (Sophia) of the Higher Self. From the Gnostic Mass we find “they say Christ came for all, but instead, he came for her who came for all.” This presents us with the Christ Sophia, two aspects of the Logos ... masculine and feminine, using the Christ to bring Her Light from the Pleroma (heavenly realms) to the outer regions of chaos (material world).

From deep within the ancient Wisdom of multiple civilizations of Mythology comes the creation of the world, man, and the Divine Spark within all that is seen. I will end this writing with a scripture from the Nag Hammadi Library in The Secret Gospel of John:

“I Sophia, am the Light which exists in the Light.

I am the remembrance of the Pronoia. (Divine Thought / Holy Spirit)”

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.