Justin Taylor | Genesology



When we have good, positive, and productive thoughts ... everyone will benefit from their manifestation including our self. When we have less than good thoughts, everyone will suffer from the effects of their manifestation. Benefits versus consequences.

This is the Rule of Cause and Effect ... or what we could call "Karma." Now, despite popular belief that Karma is punishment for something you may have done in a previous life, Karma is actually an ancient Sanskrit word and principle that simply means "doing." Therefore, what we experience in our lives ... is our doing. This goes for positive and negative results.

We must also consider group Karma, or race Karma. This means that not only are we subject to the effect of our own cause(s), we are also subject to the effect of what other(s) cause. This is why it is imperative that we guard the gate of our Mind and we pay careful attention to our actions. What we think, say, and do; not only affects us ... but other. In fact ... the entirety of the world.

To better understand this connection, we need to understand that the universe is not made up of “things” but rather, it is the only thing. All else, is an individualized essence of the whole. You can look at it as you would a high-rise office building. There is only one building, and within it there are multiple compartments comprising the entirety of the complete structure. So, if someone were to start a fire somewhere in the building, it affects the whole thing ... and everyone in it. There is no separate office. It is an individualized essence of the whole thing.

So with this example in mind, it becomes easier to understand that what we do to “other” ... we actually do to ourselves. In reality, there is no “other” ... there is only ONE. That ONE thing ... is our Universe, Life, Absolute, God, Source, or whatever your belief system chooses to call it. There are no separate things. All things are joined by the seen, and by the unseen. A fish is one with the water. Every one of us on this planet breathe the same air, stand on the same ground, are part of the entire ecosystem, and are joined as one by molecules, atoms, neurons, electrons, protons, etc ... We hear the same sounds, see the same nature, smell the same scents, etc. To take it even further, all that we sense is a projection from WITHIN our collective consciousness.

We are ONE but we believe that we are separate individuals. The Truth is you are me, I am you ... and we are the universe. We are not born INTO this world ... we are born OUT of it. As a leaf is born from a branch, and the branch from the tree, and the tree from the root, and the root from the seed. All has one point of origin. And because this existence began as ONE, it remains as one. The universe and everything that is part of it cannot be byted out. Water is water and no matter where you find it, it still has the same source and contains all that its source elements contain.

Now that you know WHY all is one and one is all, you can begin to understand how important just one single thought-form is to the entire universe and all that is a part of it. Think wisely, and one day, we may actually be able to experience unity, harmony, and peace on earth and beyond. Guard your thoughts and actions. They will affect everyone, everywhere.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.