Justin Taylor | Genesology


Ask yourself, "was there ever in existence a Christianity before the time given for the assumed historical Jesus depicted as he was in the Roman Church New Testament?" Was there ever a Christianity before this Jesus of Nazareth? A serious study of ancient Wisdom and world religions will reveal a history of Saviours resembling that of Jesus in nearly, if not all, of the great religions of anitiquity.

The most important Saviours mentioned in ancient history are Osiris, Horus, Thoth (Hermes), of ancient Egypt. In India we have Krishna, Guatama, Wittoba, and Indra. In Persia there was Zoroaster and Mithra(s). In Phrygia we find Attis. In Greece it was Appolonius, Orpheus, Heracles (Hercules), Bacchus, Artemes, Hyacinth, Sandar, Aesculapeus, Marsyas, and Aratus. From Mexico we discover Quetzacoatl, and Heutzilpochtli. In China we had similar Saviour stories in Confucius, Tien, Laotsze, and Yu. In Arabia we had Mohammad, and Baldar and Freyr of Scandanavia. In Italy (Rome) we have variations on a theme of Prometheus, and Augusta. In Ireland, Samheim. Marduk of Phoenecia. Bel in Babylon. The list is virtually endless.

The reason the Jesus story is "The Greatest Story Ever Told" is because it is a synthesis of all the prior Pagan Christ stories and myths. Of all the Sun-God myths, Jesus is the comglomeration and culmination of them all presented in one great allegory. Unknown to most Christians, is the fact that among most all of the world's ancient peoples, there existed myths and messianic prophecies of a coming Divine Saviour to conquer the evil principle existing in the Earthly existence of man. A Divine Spark of God within ... that needed to be recognized, and resurrected to it's original Divine status.

Follow the circle of the Zodiac, along with the ancient Wisdom of the people of old, and you will find they discovered a cycle of eternity contained in birth and rebirth within us all.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.