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Druid Story of God

Some 17,000 years ago, human beings were dealing with their lives, trying to feed their families, working as hunter-gatherers, trying to survive in a time when there was very little knowledge. The people had to hunt and choose which things to eat, finding fish, learning to hunt, knowing of fire, but many could not use it. In a time of the ages of darkness, when man first started it's inhabitation of the planet, THIS was the original dark ages.

The story told was that a single man came into the fields one day, and taught the human beings about fire. And how to plant their crops so that they would always have food to eat. And to tend to their animals so they would be taken care of, and the people would always have meat. He taught them how to live off the abundance of the Earth, the herbs to heal, the food to eat, and how to give thanks for all of everything that they had. To be grateful, help each other out, keep peace and harmony, and he called this, "The Way". Teaching "The Way" consumed most of his life, and the human beings, seeing what he had taught, considered him to be what we would call a God.

This man wanted to make sure greed was kept to a minimum, so gold was brought to him and used for paving material. The streets of this little part of Earth was paved with gold. Gold was used in building of palaces that honored his wife, and used for nothing else. The people were taught to leave their egos behind, and to work towards giving of themselves to each other.

He told the human beings that they were one with the Divine. And since they perceived themselves to be one with him, they thought that they should stay close to him so that he could help them. The teachings of the man was that they were, as he was, one with the Divine spirit. Once you grasp this, you would know that just as we know today, atoms and particles of energy are whizzing around in the atmosphere, are one with everything. They are their own little part of the total Source Energy, and that they are one with it.

The human beings decided ... that they would call upon "the great god," this meant they wanted the man that came to them, to call upon HIS god to make everything even better. This one man was not a god, but a "teacher of The Way." And the god the people wanted him to call, was the same god that they themselves could call upon. But they had decided instead to separate themselves from Divine, and blindly walk in consciousness. Being aware of themselves, they began to need more and more. They needed more food, more clothing, more structure for their living space. They just needed more, and their egos inflated with all of the new need. The more they needed, the more power some had to have.

The Divine Spirit is always here within us. But people and their ego shut it out. Without learning how to focus on it, feel it, make oneself at one with it, they separated and tried to tell everyone how to get back to how it once was. Religions were built, telling of how you had to die to get back to god, and how in some cases his son would do his work, or a prophet, or a leader on Earth. But, the Divine Spirit was there all along, and those in the religions of separation, kept the human beings from being one.

The man's name that came to that place in time was Poseidon, and was to have 10 Children. The place of the Human Beings was Atlantis. The continent of Atlantis eventually fell into the ocean and sunk. Poseidon was known as a god after this time.

The people have a way of thinking their way into the way they want to believe, and because most don't want the responsibility for their own lives and the way they live, the job is always turned over to someone or something that they can blame. Gods and Goddesses have been blamed for thousands of years. Self responsibility has been aborted.

The Absolute Truth of the matter is that you are one with Divine, and if you choose, you can know it (Gnosis). It takes a little work, and you will be fulfilled everyday with wonderment. Looking through a child's eyes, you will see that life is a lot different ... without the blinders and distractions. The biggest problem is what we have been taught. That there is a god watching every move we make, be good or he'll send you to hell. (like Santa)

This concept is straight out of a book of a dream. Dante (Dante's Inferno) decided to write a story about a dream that his character had. This was eventually absorbed into the modern church system and applied just like the McDonald's marketing theory. You go after the young kids, tell them about the clown, and the burglar, and all the cool animation and characters, and when they actually get there it's more like "no clown kid, here's a toy."

But just like being told something was hot, and still having to try and find out, human beings tend to go on without learning much. They just accept what they've been told without doing any research. It does, however, point to our being in white clothes at 40 days after birth, having water poured on your head and being initiated into the church. There you will stay because of the stories you'll be told and the things you will learn " Jesus loves me yes I know, for the Bible tells me so". Well, good luck finding that passage. It is a separation tool.

Jesus sitting around with children and bunnies and animals is about as believable as the fact that Jesus a is blond haired blue eyed son of god from the middle east. It seems that everyone else would think that growing up in the middle east, that he would not look like that, and since there is not one shred of literature shining a Jesus upon this planet, or a writer within 180 years of his life, this entire story is a myth, and only a tool of separation, and if you believe this, you'll also be sending 10% tithing to the church that created the whole concept.

The Truth was being taught for many years by Druids. The deeper Truths taught many years ago by Druids, the Priests of Atlantis, have been literalized and historicized rather than the allegorical Inner Mysteries. The word was that these ancient priests were a way to ... "The Way".

Following a Druid was not the same as following a religious priest. If you followed the path, that is exactly what you did and were, a human being following the path of a Druid. There was no religion, or dogma that you had to follow. If you needed help, a Bard, a Druid, could help you with your path. This is what they became ... teachers, healers, and counselors. That is why they were a conduit to the Divine for those that needed it, or could not reach it on their own.

When you decide what you want to believe, you do not need religion to help you. It seems that religion has become one of the best promoters of fighting, hatred, and war. Catholics don't like Jews, Jews don't like Muslims, Muslims don't like anyone but other Muslims. Most of the dogmas of these supposedly peaceful religions has become to "kill the infidels". Christianity's version of their "Word of God" let to the senseless slaughter of millions of non-followers being killed or tortured, and many others were harassed, tortured, and or killed.

Ancient Druidry is about working with the Divine Creator as a co-Creator. Working with the Divine Healer as a co-Healer. You, a human being, being trained to accomplish for yourself, what it is that you set out to do on this life - soul journey.

Real Druids are in touch with the Divine Spirit, get inspiration and learn how to live their life path so that their soul journey, and others around them will be fruitful. Your life path is one of many so that you can learn where you are supposed to be, to learn to be the best, many lifetimes to grow your life path.

There are real teachers that can help you on your life path. There are those that today have that connection, and teach it in their teachings. It is not so much as how many gods you can line up to worship, or who to ask for what it is that is needed. With a built up amount of energy, and focused into the right circumstances, and knowledge that you are One with Spirit/Source, and you ARE love, that you can create whatever you want, and have been doing so for 17,000 years.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.

My thanks to the Divine Order of Druids for their information.