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What Ancient Writings Were Revealed In The Dead Sea Scrolls?

The Dead Sea Scrolls were being written in 150 BCE and continued until 70 CE, a period of 220 years. During those years 872 scrolls were written in Hebrew and Aramaic by the peoples of Qumran. The supposed life of Jesus was between 2 BCE and 36 CE (38 years) and the Great Temple of the Hebrews in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. These dates are important for understanding the importance of what the Dead Sea Scrolls revealed. After scholars completed the translation work on the Dead Sea Scrolls a very important fact was obvious.

Nowhere in the Dead Sea Scrolls was the name of Jesus mentioned, and Christianity had no support in the translations. The Dead Sea Scrolls challenged the two most fundamental beliefs of Christianity: the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and Christianity as the embodiment of the message of Christ. The scrolls make no mention of Jesus or that the 'Jesus message' originated with him. The Dead Sea Scrolls only mentions "teachers of righteousness" that were part of an ultra conservative messianic Jewish movement based in Qumran going back at least 100 years BCE. (Essenes and Theraputae)

The Dead Scrolls disclosed that many of the practices that people now regard as Christian innovations are not. The Lord's Prayer and the Lord's Supper can be traced to the Qumrans, also going back at least one century before the alleged Jesus' virgin birth. The Sermon on the Mount is recorded in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke about fifty years after Jesus allegedly gave the sermon. The Gospels of Mark and John say nothing about The Sermon on the Mount and neither do Paul, Peter or John because the Sermon on the Mount was recorded in the Book of Enoch at least 100 years before Jesus, as the Dead Sea Scrolls reveal.

The Dead Sea Scrolls tell of a movement that was a Hebrew 'Apocalyptic cult' waiting to do battle with the forces of evil in which righteousness would prevail. The Qumrans were making themselves ready for the great battle in which they firmly believed that the forces of evil would die upon the blazing spears held by the hands of the 'Sons of Light.'

One of the reasons for the angst between Hebrews and Romans was the fact that the Hebrews opposed slavery. In the year 70 CE the Romans utterly destroyed the people of Qumran and the Temple in Jerusalem. Until 70 CE the Qumrans were waiting with great faith for the messiah to appear and deliver them. The messiah, according to Hebrew belief, was not a God that would deliver his people by clearing their way to heaven. The messiah was to be an empowered King who would destroy the enemies of the Hebrews and regain their Holy Land.

Modern day Christian beliefs are based on Old World Hebrew superstitions in a messiah who never came, and colorful layers of various pagan beliefs of the Roman culture, mixed with ancient myths from multiple earlier civilizations and their teachings ... all of them being metaphorical and allegorical. The Truths are found deep within their inner mysteries. Reserved only for those who wanted to know more. Divinity, is a spark hidden within Mankind.

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.