Justin Taylor | Genesology


Some two and a half billion people currently living in the world have accepted narratives in the Bible about the "Jesus Story" as literal and historical fact. Yet, the collective mythical, allegorical, and metaphysical Ancient Wisdom from multiple Sun-Gods from previous civilizations were the basis for the Bible's Jesus story. There was Bacchus, Dionysus, Orpheus, Mithra(s), Osiris, Horus, and Krishna just to name a few. There is a celestial, and consciousness connection within all of the ancient mysteries. But the last one which we have received, that of Jesus Christ, is a plagiarized conglomerate of then all pieced together to make a false historical and literal Godman to cast upon an uneducated past peoples as being real.

The ancient nations and their multiple Pantheons of a Sun Myth Gods and Goddesses and Gods and Goddesses of nature (celestial planetary gods and the cycle of the Zodiac) developed these Mystery Religions show up throughout the Biblical Scripture. The names, places, and events were changed for symbolic reasons, but they are the same stories. Gathered from the intermingling of Assyrian rule and Babylonian rule by the Hebrews and taken in as their own fabricated history that ultimately led to a Mountain God named Yahweh/Jehovah (YHWH) and eventually through Roman Empirical planning, a New Testament of the newly created Saviour Jesus Christ ... in the flesh. Basically, allegorical stories of Truth, that aren't true, they are plagiarized, copied from Ancient Wisdom, and then sold as literal history. The Roman Church took Solar Myth, Ancient Wisdom, Esoteric Truths, and blended it all in with deliberately corrupted, mistranslated, rewritten, misquoted and invented Hebrew Messianic Scriptures fabricated and made up from Non-Messianic Hebrew scriptures in the Hebrew tales, scrolls, Torah, Oral Traditions, Rabbinical Writings, etc.

Many of the Messianic scriptures had verbs altered from present to future tense so they would be accommodated we in their infusion within the New Testament. In other words, it's easy to foretell the future, when you're writing the story backwards FROM the future looking back ... when you already know what happened. Over the last 200 years, Mother Earth has coughed up buried treasure that the ancients had buried for survival and protection into future generations. And the things that have been discovered, such as the Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Sea Scrolls, among others, have well told the stories meant to have been told before the corruption took place. Archaeological and historical findings now have evidence that the "Jesus Story" was just another Solar Myth, only this time it had been attempted to wrap him in flesh and make him a real person.

So, if you're still with me this far, and you are a practicing Christian, the question you must ask yourself is "what does this fable and allegory mean to us if it was not about a real person that has been worshipped as God for more than two millennia by billions of unsuspecting people?" People who have started wars, ravages, destruction, and have gone to their graves believe in someone who never was is one of the worst things that has ever been perpetrated to humanity. And it was all done by the self-proclaimed representatives of God on Earth ... the Emperor of Rome, Constantine, and his First Council of Nicea and all of the subsequent Councils to this day. The most beautifully ornate Orthodox and Catholic Churches spread throughout the world are but empty architectural masterpieces representing the Holy of Holies ... the place where God dwells. I can't help but stand in awe at the Gothic Cathedrals of old ... still standing and still in service all over the world. Such magnificent beauty, all to tell the fable of one who never was. Ah, but there is more ...

These lies and illusions for more than 2,000 years surely had their basis and foundation in something. But what was it? Jesus was quoted as asking "who do YOU say that I AM? What is it that was wrapped up into the total package that was originally Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Truth? If the Jesus story of the Bible is not about the fulfillment of a Hebrew Messiah, a Saviour of our Souls, the literal Son of God and God in the flesh ... then what was it?

It was Paul who knew. It was the earliest "krestians" (Karest/KRST/Christos) known among the ancients that was first taught in the Mysteries Schools of Egypt, Greece, and elsewhere throughout the ancient world. These Divine Truths expressed through mystical, and metaphysical allegories, metaphors, parables, and symbols taught that the "Mystery of Christ," the Glory of God ... was within mankind and the entirety of the universe. That the Christ consciousness, the essence of the origins of man ... the Divine Spark was inside of you, not out side of you. Waiting, for your natural man mind to be crucified, and your Divine Mind (the mind of Christ) to be resurrected within you. To come to the realization that the evolution and involution of humankind was dependent upon the indwelling Christ within them. Each of us. ALL of us. Not just one single solitary man born in a cave in Bethlehem. The key to the Truth is to know what the "Logos" is. The Logos of God was mistranslated as "the Word" of God and them misrepresented as the Bible and as Jesus.

There is much to much for this one article, but understand that beneath the forged literal and historical elements of the Bible, are deep hidden Truths and Ancient Wisdom to be unveiled ... to be revealed. Many secrets may hidden within the pages of the Bible, and among the architecture of the Gothic Freemason built Churches and Cathedrals. The Truth lay hidden, waiting to be discovered by those with eyes to see, and ears to hear. It's up to US to discover our own Divinity.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.