Justin Taylor | Genesology


We all have a little chit-chat with ourseslves at times right? Sometimes in the mirror, sometimes while we're stuck in traffic, and sometimes when we're all alone doing our best to quiet the mind. So, I pose the question that is the title of this article ... "who are you talking to?"

Not only do we talk to ourself, but we also answer our own questions. So how can this be if we are only one "thing?" The answer is simple. It can't. Our big Self (higher Divine Self) is at times trying to communicate a message to our little self (ego) and we choose to either ignore it, or let the ego decide rather than the Spirit within. Sometimes, it's just the ego trying to convince Spirit why it wants us to do something.

When we let our ego-mind make conscious decisions, we many times find consequences will be the outcome. You know, when we "know better" but we do it anyway? It's a "self-ish" decision that is designed to serve self, rather than a "self-less" decision that brings about goodness as a result for anyone and everyone. Benefits, rather than consequences. This is LAW. Universal Law. It is the Law of Cause and Effect - karma. Karma simply means "doing." So the results of our thoughts and actions are our "doing."

This is not a system of reward and punishment. This is merely science and Universal Law. It is immutable. Unchangable. Ever lasting. We can trangress this Law, but we cannot break it. The Law still stands whether you choose to abide by it or not. So when we ask ourselves a question, it is always best to wait for the still small voice within to offer the intuitive answer. The Divine will. It knows better than our ego what is best for us, and for other.

When we have these inner chats, we are under the assumption that human beings are multitasking and just doing a bunch of stuff all at the same time. Truth be told, we are not. Our brain cannot multitask as we see it. What is actually happening is a rapid switch from one thing to another in our conscious mind. The subconscious is pre-programmed and Divine. It runs the whole body and we don't even have a clue as to whats going on in there. But our conscious mind, is constantly bouncing around from one thing to another. The problem with this is, the more stuff we are consciously thinking about at the same time, the more the resources have to be shared and redistributed.

For example, you're watching TV, and someone turns on a hairdryer. The lights go dim, the TV flickers, because the circuit is at full demand and is trying to distribute energy to all the things plugged into it. There's only so much power or energy available, so it puts a strain on the system and has to take a little bit from here or there to keep everything going. When there's too many things plugged in, wew blow a circuit. Just like our mind. Too much stuff going on at the same time, and we eventually blow a circuit.

Man is triune - body, soul, and Spirit. Also, masculine, feminine, and Divine. The goal is to keep all of these in proper balance. Imagine each one has a fuel tank. One tank each to last your entire life. You would want to burn that fuel equally right? We spend a lot of time burning it unevenly, and pre-maturely. That person we're talking to is our Higher Self. We're asking for advice - Divine intervention. Rather than letting our ego answer, let our Divine answer. Wait for the right response. To many times we react, rather than respond.

Take a few extra quiet moments and listen to that still small voice deep within you. It has a message for you. Did you know that the word "angel" comes from the Greek word "angelos?" This means "messenger." In the New Testament, Jesus says to Peter "get behind thee satan." This deeper meaning is for us to put the ego (satan/accuser/opposer) behind us, and let the light of Spirit lead the way.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.