Justin Taylor | Genesology


All of us tend to form what we believe based on what people tell us.

They offer their "opinion" and we think on it.

Our thoughts, then leads to a decision.

To "decide" means to "cut-off."

We have chosen to arrive at a conclusion, an ending.

Then, our decision, leads to our belief.

We form our beliefs based on what we decide.

And what we decided to believe, may be Truth or lies.

As a man thinks, he decides what he believes, and if it is Truth there is no harm. If what a man has decided to believe is a lie, it is as if he drank poison and there are consequences. For the Spirit knows Truth from lies. The longer we hold the lies in our belief system, the more they will manifest into form/matter. This becomes the root of much illness and disease in our lives. The lies we believe must be "cast-out."

When the light shines, the darkness dissipates.

Use the Light within you to shine on the source of the lies within and they too will dissipate.

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.