Justin Taylor | Genesology


Here is where “church teachings” and literal interpretation cause trouble. First, let me start with a couple of scriptures: “his mercies are new every morning” ... “God/Love keeps no record of wrongs.” When Peter asked Jesus, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy-seven times.” 77, or 7X7 is indicative of forever ... infinity ... eternity.

The term “SIN” comes directly translated from the Greek word “hamartia” which simply means: “missing the mark.” Its an archery term from the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. It was used as in “you missed the target/bullseye.” So, rather than STOP “sinning,” we keep practicing until we get it right ... and HIT the mark of Truth. We are NOT punished FOR our sin, but BY our sin. This is cause and effect. When we mess up, we deal with the consequences ... but in the here and now, not in the eternal AfterLife.

Much as you have been taught to believe in the devil/satan, sin, punishment, and eternal hell fire ... these are ALL allegorical and deal with esoteric meanings and symbolism. We’ve have gone down this road before and I know most would say I am wasting my time ... but I’m not.

You see, at the resurrection, Jesus was mistaken for a “Gardener.” Why is that? Because a gardener plants seeds. This is what I do with my replys. I am seeding your Mind for future A-HA moments of Truth. The Bible is a magnificent book of Truths ... metaphysical, allegorical, and in very few places ... historical. Every single story in the Bible was written among Pagans many years before.

The Hebrews incorporated these stories into their own system of faith, and the true meanings are stealth, hidden from the surface until revealed ... REVELATION ... and Apocalypse which literally means to reveal that which was hidden. It is for those with ears to hear, and eyes to see. You know me, I can go on and on for pages but I wont. I am not trying to convince you of ANYTHING ... other than, there is always MORE to the story. Always.

The Source of ALL modern day Christianity, Rome/Vatican KNOWS the Truth but they kept us in religion (religare meaning in Latin ‘to bind”) ... this keeps the Power of God OUT of the hands of the people and held in secret by the church system ... be it Catholic or Fundament or Orthodox. Jesus spoke of setting us FREE from this bondage. “The Kingdom of God/Heaven in WITHIN” are HIS words. “Do not look here, nor there” ... and Paul said “I travail in labor until the Christ be born within you.”

THIS CHRIST is the Divine Spark of God within ALL things ... the animator of Life ... the Great Architect. They called Jesus a “carpenter” but in the original Greek text it was “TEKTON” which meant “builder” “architect” “master builder of a foundation.” This is KEY to the understanding. He KNEW these Truths and freely shared them. The modern church system has destroyed the Power of God that lay dormant within you, and me, and everything.

One more thing ... IF what many call “God” truly is Omnipotent (all powerful), Omnipresent (In all things) and Omniscient (All knowing) ... then we must ask, where be there room for anything BUT God. If God is EVERYWHERE, then there’s no room for this devil/satan. All things have emanated from One Source of origin, and therefore we can conclude that ALL things contain the genes and DNA of that Source. It is our THINKING, that stops us from this revelation. This is our Source Divine Christ Consciousness. What we call GOD, is experiencing Life through US, with US, and AS US.

Justin Taylor, ORDM., D.D.