Justin Taylor | Genesology



Anyone raised in the Christian Church knows the story of the raising of Lazarus of Bethany from his death in the tomb. This, is a preview of Jesus' own resurrection later in the story. The two, are one.

Here we have a clear deception contained in the Bible that is not only an unhistorical event, but it is yet another copy of an earlier story that came to the writers - from the Egyptians. Just as Jesus traveled to Bethany to raise his friend Lazarus, Horus traveled to Bethanu to raise his Father. Even the names Mary, Martha, and Lazarus all came from Egypt - except their names were Meri, Merti, and El-Azar-us. The name "Bethanu" means "House of God" and was originally used for the Egyptian God Anu.

These stories were known among the ancient world and therefore had symbolic deeper meanings. As always, this is the deeper esoteric message within the surface story. In this story, Lazarus was the brother of Mary (a very important ancient symbolic name) and Martha. Lazarus, like Jesus; represents “Life Principle in Involution” and this must die so that Evolution can occur. This is the representation of biologic Life ... the Glory of God. For Lazarus it was a 4 day wait, for Jesus it was 3 days, and John writes of 3 and a half days. In the same was as the raising of Lazarus came to us via Egypt, the raising of Jairus' daughter came to us from India. It was Krishna who raised a young girl from the dead, as Christ did with Jairus' daughter. Even the wording in each story is highly similar.

The raising of the dead is a typical supernatural event in the Godman myth cycles and has it's symbolism in the Inner Mysteries not in reanimating dead flesh in a literal and historical sense. That, is for another day. Remember also, that these myth cycles not only have their spiritual message, but they are tied to the cycle of the Zodiac and it's 12 houses. The patterns of the heavens, the planets (Planetos means wanderer in Greek), the stars, and the entire sun cycle through the seasons.

Remember, in order for a seed to grow, it must first die - be buried in the ground as our souls are buried in matter. The ancient Greeks had a term "soma-sema" meaning the body (soma) is a tomb (sema). These seeds must have a garden in which to grow. Jesus would be found in the Garden of Gethsemane. After the resurrection story, the “Mary's” mistake him as a Gardener. So much mythology, so much symbolism, so much deeper allegorical teachings. Remember, a “myth” did not have the meaning back then as it does now. Among the ancients, a myth was used in delivery of a deeper message. To borrow from Joseph Campbell: “a myth is something that never was, yet always is.” One must study the words and phrases of scripture in the original Hebrew and Greek to find the keys to unlock the Inner Mysteries ... the revelation of the message. The Greek word "Apocalypsis" (apocalypse) means to unveil, to uncover that which is hidden.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.