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The word "Pastor" comes from Pa-stor, "Pa" meaning great or father, "Stor" or ASTER meaning Star. (Greek word for stars is asteria)

Thus Pastor means the Great Star or the Father Star, or Sun God. "Minister and Ministry" come from Min and Aster.

"Min" was the common ancient term and root of MOON whereas Aster, Stir, Stor all relate to STAR. Thus Minister is "MoonStar". Monastery, monk, and month have the same origin. This is also where we get “Minute.”

It is a title that derives from the lunar and stellar cults. This explains why there is a minute hand on a watch. The three hands of a watch relate to the THREE PLANETS associated with TIME.

The slow hand is the hour hand, meaning "Horus", the SUN.

The minute hand is for Min, the MOON.

And, the swift ticking second hand is for MERCURY, the planet which rotates fastest of all, both round the sun and on its own orbit. This is why the figure of the god Mercury was depicted with wings on his shoes or feet.”

Also, Have you ever wondered how the names of the Days of the Week originated? The Roman people, as did other ancient civilizations, named the days of the week after the sun, moon and planets, which were gods.

Sunday Meaning: The Sun's day.

Monday Meaning: The Moon's day.

Tuesday Meaning: Tiw's day; the Old Norse's equivalent to planet and god of Mars.

Wednesday Meaning: Woden's day: the Old Norse's equivalent to Mercury.

Thursday Meaning: Thor's day: Old Norse's equivalent to Jupiter.

Friday Meaning: Frigg's/ Frica's day: Old Norse's equivalent to Venus.

Saturday Meaning: Saturn's day.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.