Justin Taylor | Genesology



From the beginning of recorded history, we have mention of sacred teachings concerning the rebirth of humans into a Higher Consciousness. In classical literature, reference is frequently made to the “Mysteries,” which became the technical term for secret rites and methods known and practiced only by the priest/hierophants who had been initiated through the Mystery Schools.

These sacred teachings were found in the empires of India, Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome, among others. The Mysteries were taught in specially created Schools by priest-hierophants who developed extraordinary techniques to assist select candidates to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

In the Mystery tradition, the title "hierophant" indicated that the priest had himself experienced initiation into ALL levels of the Mysteries. The Mystery priesthood therefore, functioned as a closed elite whose knowledge and practices were held and guarded in secret.

Along with precise knowledge of the teachings and rites, hierophants were well versed in astronomy, engaging in observation, investigation, analysis and recording of solar, lunar and stellar phenomena. Hierophants were also skilled mathematicians and were knowledgeable in architectural and engineering sciences. They were healers with special skills in medicine and even surgery. They were also historians, since the records of each civilization were safeguarded in the temples.

It is from these ancient Mystery Schools that we have received the foundation for all world religions. Unfortunately, much of the original self-empowering teachings have been usurped, edited, and altered in order to control the congregants of the most dominant religions alive today. The esoteric spiritual stories and myths have been literalized and presented as actual historical events that are literal in translation. Nothing could be further from the Truth. All ancient Wisdom was allegorical and metaphorical. It wasn't about DID it happen, but DOES it happen.

The secret teachings were under a layer of fables and parables. Allegory, myth, and metaphor. As it was back then, so it is today. Only the ones who have desired to do the work and dig through all the research required, have found the enlightened path. These teachings are still held in secret today by the Vatican and other global powers who are privy to them. Through this power, they control and manipulate the world population into division and separation ... and lead them down a path of darkness, rather than enlightenment. Question everything ... and you will find beneath the lies and deceptions, an abundance of Truth awaiting for you to discover it, and use it to advance yourself and all of humanity.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.