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“No one has ascended into heaven but he who has descended from heaven, the Son of man.”

-John 3:13

In the outer interpretation (exoteric), according to leaders and followers of most modern day Christianity … the “Son of man” is Jesus.

According to this modern Christian interpretation, Jesus came down from Heaven, was born into a human body, and only HE can ascend back up into heaven. Further, Jesus is a Divine being, and not like the rest of us mere mortals. We certainly cannot do what Jesus has done, even though in the New Testament he is quoted as saying “you will do greater things than I.”

In some of these OUTER/exoteric/literal interpretations, Jesus is actually God, not just the Son of God. We, the general human populous, are considered to be lowly sinners, forever enslaved by “Original Sin” and can never be what Jesus was/is.

But now consider this: In the INNER interpretation (esoteric), the “Son of man” is the Spirit WITHIN, specifically, the awakened Spirit within.

In the ancient tradition, there are two aspects of God; a masculine and a feminine. The feminine aspect is referred to as Sophia, meaning Wisdom, and also refers to the emotional aspect of God, which is unconditional love. The masculine aspect refers to knowledge and knowing (gnosis).

When the feminine and masculine aspect of God combine, a third component is created; the pure white light of Christ. This pure white light of Christ is the living light of Spirit (Christ Consciousness), the very same Spirit within each living thing. This living light of Spirit is the Source of our personal Life. This is the “and then there was light” that was referred to in Genesis. This is the Matrix, the Field, the web of consciousness.

What is born of Spirit is Spirit. We are born of God/Source. The Spirit within us is the very substance of God/Source Energy, and as such, cannot die or be destroyed. We have eternal Life because the Spirit within us is the substance of God, which also has eternal Life. It is a function of what we are. Jesus was quoted as asking us to “follow him,” not worship him. He expected us to do the things he did, and to become like him.

John 14:12

"Timeless truth, I tell you: 'whoever believes in me, those works which I have done he will also do, and he will do greater works than these, because I am going to the presence of my Father.'"

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.