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In this article, we will discuss a subject that countless millions or even billions of people are subjected to - and that is superstition.

When there is talk of superstition, many questions often involve, for example; the use of crystals, dates, numbers, the most infamous of which is the number 13. So I thought it worthwhile to take a close look at superstition in general, with the objective of putting the motives behind such superstition in proper perspective.

Before looking at superstition generally we have to first take a closer look at the superstition involving the number 13 ... which is probably one of the most pervasive of all superstitions that affect millions of people worldwide, and for centuries.

While the number 13 is sometimes seen as a "lucky number", for most who allow 13 to influence their lives it is deemed to be very "unlucky", especially in the context of the date "Friday 13" which for millions is a day of fear and even terror, the adherents to which allow this date to seriously affect their activities on those days. The mind takes over and wreaks havoc.

There are countless office and apartment buildings that leave out floor number 13 ands going instead directly from floor 12, to floor 14 ... skipping 13 altogether. Many airports do not have a terminal 13 - again going directly from terminal 12, to terminal 14. Many streets of homes likewise do not include a number 13 instead missing it out altogether in favour of only having numbers 12 and 14. Again you will not need to go far to see this for yourself. And so it goes on - the number 13 influencing the lives and actions of millions of otherwise rational people.

It should be clear by now that the fear of number 13 is not restricted to an eccentric or superstitious few, but is a fear that is firmly routed in the human psyche at all levels of cultures. The fear of number 13 even has a name - "triskaidekaphobia". This is from the Greek snd loosely translated it says 3 10 fear ... or fear (phobia) of 13.

So how did this come about? There are many possible origins for the number 13 as superstition, but most of it appears to originate within the superstition of religion - so 13 is a superstition, born out of superstition. For example, biblical accounts claim that Judas, the alleged "betrayer" of Jesus, was the thirteenth person to sit down at "the last supper" shortly before Jesus was "crucified". However, it was actually Jesus who was 13th among 12 Apostles ... but that's for another day. Also, in the context of Friday 13, it is said that Jesus was actually crucified on a Friday. (Even though he was not - also for another day)

Also on On the infamous day of Friday, October 13, 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrests and eradication of the Knights Templar through direct orders of the Roman Church. There are many other such examples of events with negative connotations being associated with the number 13.

In the final analysis though, the number 13 as well as Friday 13 have, over the centuries become firmly rooted in the human psyche as an irrational fear, albeit a powerful and pervasive fear, approaching in scale the biggest of all irrational fears - fear of the change known as "death". So then, what is the truth of the number 13? Is there a more enlightened truth? Yes, of course there is.

Going far back in time before the advent of orthodox religion, our ancient ancestors, before the fall of humanity to its present levels, were generally very enlightened people, including, but not limited to the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Chinese and Tibetans, and the Ancient Indians as well as the now lost races inhabiting the lands of Atlantis and Lemuria and many other lost civilisations now lying hundreds or thousands of feet under the sea that are now being discovered slowly but surely. The Earth always gives up her secrets eventually.

So then, what exactly did 13 mean to these wise ancients Philosophers and Sages? To the Ancient Egyptians 13 was a very sacred number representing Enlightenment. To the Ancient Egyptians there were 12 steps on the path of evolution in physical life, the 13th step representing the FINAL transcendence of the cycles of incarnation to achieve enlightenment and the gateway to greater things including Spiritual immortality ... the freedom of eternity snd ending the cycle of reincarnation. 13 had a similar and sacred significance to the Ancient Chinese. In fact, we only need to look at nature around us to see the significance of the number 13.

There are 13 lunar cycles in a year. Many other cycles of the year are in cycles of 13. The path of the moon across the sky is over 13 degrees. There are numerous other examples of the number 13 appearing in nature - all manifestations of the First Cause, of Source/God - the perfect design of our universe. Everything in our natural universe is perfect, and Source never created anything that is in any way imperfect. It is msn who has taken order, and in many ways turned it to chaos. Rather than going from darkness to light, mankind appears to be in regression. But this will eventually be fixed.

An excellent example of such perfection and symmetry is "Metatron's Cube" - the "fruit of life". Metatron's cube broadly consists of 13 circles arranged in the form of a perfect figure - a dodecahedron. Each circle is considered to be a node, each connected to another circle by a single line, resulting in 78 lines or "paths". Metatron's cube has many levels of occult (hidden not evil) meanings, that are too many and too complex to talk about here, but the broad significance is that Metatron is said to have created the cube from His own Soul, which is an aspect of Perfection, just as humans in turn are an aspect of perfection. So here, we find in Metatron's Cube "13," as with the Ancient Egyptians representing "Perfection" - how can 13 therefore be considered to be "unlucky"?

Much more can be said about the number 13, but the above is sufficient to clearly see that fear of the number 13 is clearly both irrational and superstitious, originally arising from the superstition of religion which itself controls the lives and beliefs of billions of people worldwide. That said - superstitions can be and often are very real to those adhering to them, with a failure to submit to the superstition often resulting in something "bad" happening. Cognitive dissonance is responsible for much of the lack of change.

There are countless cases of people who have experienced "bad luck" as a direct result of failing to perform some sort of superstitious ritual such as for example "knocking on wood". So how can this be so, especially among many otherwise rational people? The answer lies within the power of the Subconscious Mind and The Law of Attraction. Plain and simple - whatever we BELIEVE to be true ... becomes a personal decision which leads to the belief that it is true (at least for us - whether it is, or isn't). So if we believe that the number 13 is "unlucky", or that by failing to form a specific action or ritual some negative experience will arise, then so shall it be.

The Subconscious Mind, or more correctly Subconsciousness is that aspect of our Mind that is also an aspect, channel of expressions of Universal Mind (the Matrix of mind that ties us all together) and is therefore infinitely powerful. It must be understood that in accordance with The Law of Attraction, whatever we think about persistently, focus on or imagine ... we will attract it - whether it is rational, wanted or unwanted.

Subconsciousness is immutable (unchangeable) and makes no effort to determine whether any thought or action "makes sense" or not - that is for the Conscious Mind to determine, and it is the Conscious Mind that adheres to superstitions. It is the ego that we trust when we should trust the Spirit within.

Any "bad" event arising from failing to adhere to a superstition is the direct result of the fear of the consequences of that superstition - every single time - no exceptions. No one can escape this fact and Truth.

So how then does a superstitious person rid themselves of the fear of number 13 or indeed any other of a number of other superstitions? Well there are several ways of approaching this.

First, Look at the facts of the superstition. Research the history of it instead of simply blindly adhering to the belief. Even with your religious beliefs, instead of simply accepting their authority on their own basis, question it's logic. Do your homework. Ask yourself, honestly, how failing to do something, or doing it incorrectly, can possible result in a certain event. Examine benefits versus consequence. You wouldn't change the oil in your car unless you did a little research first would you? Trust me, it will not be long before the Truth of the superstition becomes apparent. The illusion will dissipate like the morning fog.

Secondly, understand the power of the Subconscious aspect of your Mind - Subconsciousness - and how it attracts your experiential reality. It will not choose for you. It will only manifest in form what you constantly think about. If you say "I will not have a bad day" ... your subconscious mind hears "bad day" and that is what you will attract. Instead, say "I will have a great day." Your subconscious mind will not decide if something is good or bad, it is your conscious mind that must do that. By understanding your own Divine connections and therefore your creative powers, you will be able to take positive control over your own experiences instead of being a slave to age-old superstitions.

Thirdly, confront your superstition head-on. For example - we go back to the number 13 - if you are afraid of the number 13 or Friday the 13th, go and do things that include the number 13 and make Friday the 13th an awesome and special day for activities with your family or friends ... even at work. Make it a beneficial experience. It may take a bit, but you'll beat it. You have the power of the universe within you. Celebrate Friday 13 with a special meal or some other treat ... or go to an event. Go to the stores on Friday 13 and buy 13 of something, or buy something that includes the number 13 in the price.

If you are afraid of walking under a ladder then make an effort to go into town and walk under as many ladders as you can see ... or stay home and use your own. If you are afraid of breaking a mirror and getting 7 years of bad luck, then buy a cheap mirror and break it - obviously, being careful not to cut yourself or anyone else.

At first these actions might create anxiety, apprehension or even fear, but nevertheless you have to confront these emotions and continue moving forward regardless ... if you're going to beat this thing. For example whenever such an emotion arises, say firmly "Cancel!, Cancel!, Cancel!" continuing until it dissipates. Even if it's just a thought ... say "cancel" and replace it with an awesome thought.

Keep telling yourself that you are a logical, and rational person. You are an essence and expression of the Absolute ... God/Source Energy ... with absolute power over your own experience. You will soon find that after no adverse consequences will result from any of these actions. You will be released from the fear and find that your superstition no longer has power over you, and will simply dissipate leaving you feeling lighter, happier and exhilarated.

Above all always keep in Mind that we all create our own reality at every level, and there are no external "forces" beyond our control that can bring about anything we would not wish for. WE create the future ... one NOW at a time. Make a better world for yourself and for others.

Many thanks to the brilliant and wise Adrian Cooper.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.