Justin Taylor | Genesology



We are all on our own journey of Life and are many times afraid of voicing an opinion on subject matters that have purposely been protected and marked as off-limits. But, after much research, meditation, and inner contemplation, I am confident in sharing this ancient Truth.

Each and every one of todays world religions claim that they are the “true one.” They claim to have the only true god. That they have received the revelation of Truth and everyone else is wrong.

Well my friends, I have found that all of the ancients did have one thing in common ... it's what Joseph Campbell called the “Hero's Journey.” It is the story of US. It's OURstory ... not just HIStory.

Now back to my thought ...

The “Messiah” is the expected one. A universal and recurring theme in ALL World religion. The Messiah is the long awaited World Saviour, the bringer of peace and the unifier of humankind.

Also known as the return of Christ to Christians, the Kalki to Hindus, Imam Mahdi to Muslims, Maitreya to Buddhists and the Saoshyant to Zoroastrians. So, who or what is this Messiah?

If you study and research all the ancient Wisdom that was once the common belief system at the very foundation of every civilization that has come and gone, you will find the Messiah WITHIN us ALL.

It is an essential archetype of Self, and an aspect of God which lies dormant in the depths of our being, waiting for the right conditions to awaken and manifest itself. This archetype is the ultimate human potential and also a powerful source of creative and transformative energy that has the ability to reshape our lives and literally change the World.

Indeed, these are perilous times in which we live, and there is definitely a planet in need of saving. In present times and like no other time before, humankind is being brought together in an emerging one world order, the so called “global village.”

Never before has there been such a need for peaceful resolution of conflicts, clashes and disputes that now. Global merging of the human race will be inevitable. Truly, the world needs an intervention of a World saviour(s), and the World Peacemaker(s).

We are the ones commissioned for this difficult task. It is up to US to save the World and it is up to US to help bring about peace on this planet. It is foolish to wait for a supernatural or extra-terrestrial agency to do this on our behalf. Peace, harmony, and a safer World; will only come about through our own actions. Therefore, the time has come to awaken the Messiah within. To resurrect the Christ Consciousness that lay in wait.

God, The Absolute, The All There Is, The Source, Creator, Grand Architect ... whatever you choose to call it ... can only work through US. WE are the ones that can bring about change, and truly bring people together is love, peace, and harmony.

The Messiah is the Christ. The Christ is the Messiah. This is Hebrew and Greek. Greek and Hebrew. And as the New Testament so simply states:

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

-Luke 17:21

The kingdom of love, peace, and joy, are WITHIN, not without. Now, get busy ... the world needs you.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM.