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We begin this article with a quote from St. Paul:

"... the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is CHRIST IN YOU, the HOPE OF GLORY."

Colossians 1:25

This Divine cosmic Truth was never meant to be literalized as ONE human being, limiting the Ancient Wisdom to one person ... excluding the entirety of the human race, as was forged by the Roman Church into a false and corrupted "Jesus Story" rather than the original "Christ Story."

The original and ancient cosmic allegory of the incarnated Divine Mind (Logos) and Christ Consciousness was to be applied to every human being on Earth and NOT to just one person whom the First Council of Nicea in 325CE gave the name and label of "Jesus Christ (Iesus Christos). Ancient Egypt and Greece, among other peoples, taught the spiritual allegories of the ancient Christ/KRST/Karest/Krestus/Krishna through the Mystery Schools handed down from ancient civilizations as the "Sun God Myth." This was celestial, and esoteric - spiritual and empowering. This original Christ, placed the Divine Spark of God/Source directly into each and every human rather that on one man who supposedly strolled the hills of the Galilee at the time of the rewriting of the ancient Wisdom. Prophecy is easy to fulfill when you're writing about the events 300 years AFTER they supposedly took place.

After mutilating the Ancient Wisdom, the Roman Church burned the amazing Library of Alexandria, in Egypt as well as other scriptural and scroll depositories in an effort to begin their destruction of evidence of the real Truth. They corrupted, altered, and destroyed as much evidence as they could to cover up the real Christ Story, and instead presented their own creation of a Saviour/Messiah as a literal historical Christ as they grew their form of Orthodox Roman Christianity in an effort to save their Empirical Kingdom of Rome and further continued their march through the Crusades, the Inquisition, and turn out the lights of knowledge during the Dark Ages. This worldwide venture has plunged humanity back in time by more that 2,000 years now.

If they could continue to conceal the Truth from the masses of how they changed ancient myths, parables, allegories, and metaphors that spoke of the descending, incarnating, indwelling and evolving Soul and Divine Mind and Christ Consciousness into every human being, as a pearl within an oyster ... and sell their literal historical Jesus, they could maintain control of an unknowing and uneducated populous. Then, they transformed this figure into God himself. How is it that we have statues and busts of Socrates, but no Jesus? The calendar suppsedly got restarted from year Zero (BC/AD) but no one knows when Jesus was really born? And by the way, BC meant "Before Caesar." The Caesar was considered to be God on Earth and worshipped as such.

This crusade of Roman illusion has led to the greatest mass of wealth, gold, jewels, artwork, real estate investments, world control, and unimaginable wealth that the Catholic Church holds today. Children go hungry, disease runs rampant, people are homeless, medications are needed for worldwide distribution, yet just a few portraits on the Vatican walls are worth millions. Let us also not forget that the Vatican, is a city-state, like the financial district of London, and the District of Columbia. Countries within countries. Bound by no rules but their own. Research "Empire of The City" if you would like to know more world powers and who exactly the "Global Elite" truly are.

The murders, torture, rapes, pilfering, booty, theft, destruction, and flat out lies that the Roman Universal (Catholic) Church is responsible for has thrown the world into absolute chaos and turmoil. Christian against Muslim, Muslim against Jew (which are not Hebrews), and world religions have cast darkness upon the entire human race. And for what? A lie. An illusion. An imaginary event, with an imaginary Saviour.

In closing, what Constantine and his council, and all the subsequent councils such as the Council of Trent, and continuing even to this day. The Bible has been re-written countless times in an effort to continue the charade. In 2,000, the Pope actually publicly apologized for the atrocities that the Church had committed over the years but, of course, passed by virtually unnoticed by the media and by the loyal Catholic followers. Even the Mary that they worship and venerate is nothing more than the Egyptian Goddess Isis, mother of the Egyptian Karest/Christ. The name Mary come from the Egyptian "MR" which simply defines the feminine creative principal. Why do you think there are so many Mary's, and Miriam's in the Bible stories.

The feet of the statue of "Peter" in St. Peters Square that gets its feet kissed is no more than the statue of Saturn having been relocated from the Roman Pantheon of Gods and then renamed Peter. You can still see the rings of Saturn above his head. Rome used to celebrate "Saturnalia" annually. Even the origin of wedding rings, a couple married in the eyes of God, featured rings that not only meant the ancient meaning of eternity, but also the rings around the God Saturn. The entire Vatican complex is built upon an ancient temple to Mithras. In fact, the word Vatican, or vaticanus, means serpent hill. Then, there's the re-creation of the Vatican in Washington DC. Among it's Capital, Monuments, Obelisks, reflecting pools, sundials, architecture, even the Tiber River in Rome is represented in Tiber Creek in Capitol Hill. In Rome, it was called Capitoline Hill, and both cities have seven hills. The Pope at this writing is Pope Francis. The land purchased for the US Capitol complex was bought from a man named Francis Pope.

I've gone on far too long for just one article, and I will cover more on this topic in a future article. Research all that you believe and why you believe it. Always. Ask, and the door shall be opened.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.