Justin Taylor | Genesology


No matter what we are dealing with in life, there are opposing forces at work. Just as two magnets attract when properly aligned, they also repel when improperly aligned. But there's always two forces. The thing we must concentrate on, is the third force that is the deciding factor.

There are two faces to a coin, heads and tails as we call them. But it is ONE coin. And the third element which brings them together as one is the third side. The ring around the divided front and back, top and bottom, head or tail. If we look at a Zebra, is it a black horse with white stripes, or is it a white horse with black stripes? It is the stripes that allow us to identify it as a Zebra that is the deciding factor. It is neither white, nor black, nor both. It is striped ... the 3rd element that marks it for our recognition.

The same it is for us as a triune creature. We are Spirit, Soul, and Body. Or, Divine, unseen, and seen. From the highest form of Energy (God/Source), to our Higher Self, to our lowest form of energy ... our physical matter. Remember that what we experience with our senses as physical matter, is all being experienced within our head, our mind. What we perceive as real physical matter, is simply vibrating electrical energy being transmitted to our sensual centers in our brain ann then labeled as to what we have chosen to call it. We can never really "touch" something ... it is simply a transfer of vibrating energy converted to mind issued images. To our mind, there is no difference as to what has really happened, or what has been imagined. Was it a dream, or was it real? The mind knows no difference.

So what we do is experience two sides. Polar opposites. Plus and minus, positive and negative, etc. and somewhere along the way, we need the 3rd element to guide us towards discernment. Wee experience good and un-good. Its that intuition (the Divine Spark of God/Christ) within our consciousness that guides us towards making the right decision, learning Truth from Illusion.

There are two sides involved in the Universal Law of Polarity in all things. There are good and un-good doctors, good and un-good media, good and un-good clergy, good and un-good businessmen, good and un-good politicians, and the list is endless. If you expect something or someone to be all good, and all trustable, then you will be disappointed. Simply KNOW that both sides of opposite polarity exist in all things and it is our life experience here in this life that we learn to discern that which brings benefit, and that which brings consequence.

If you flip a coin a thousand times, odds are it will land on heads 50% of the time and tails 50% of the time. Everything in the universe has it's ups and downs. When we discover the diving line that runs through the center of the waves, we find peace and joy within. We learn to be just fine when things are good, and we learn to be just fine when things are not so good. Because the universal odds are Law and if there's something going on in your life right now that is not so good, it is Law that this will and must change eventually to something that is good. Learn this, and you will learn inner peace and tranquility. You will be as the bird in it's nest behind a waterfall during a raging storm still singing and at rest knowing it is safe and whatever storm is going on "out there" will pass.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.