Justin Taylor | Genesology


Sunday Morning

It's Sunday morning. Some folks are still sleeping, some are at church, some are at Denny's, IHOP, or Cracker Barrel, some are fishing, some are skiing, some are going for a walk, and some are sitting in their kitchen reading the Sunday newspaper or watching CNN, Fox, or any other available channel for "programs/programming."

So this morning mix consists of "good news," good rest, good food, good times, good exercise, and "BAD NEWS." We entered the Emerald City, we busted the Wizard behind the curtain years ago in Oz. Why do we keep going there for directions? The News Media is a BUSINESS. If they show good news, people don't watch ... but as soon as something bad happens ... they all tune in. Ratings go up, money goes up, upper salaries go up, and the Great Wizard is happy once again.

After my car accident many years ago, I sat at home recovering for months. All day and all night I watched the news. It slowly turned me into a bitter and angry person. My healing obviously took longer, and the damage it did to my psyche was nearly irreparable. The more you are exposed to negativity, the more negative you become. We are what we eat ... food, emotions, and thoughts. We should be eating well. But we don't. Oh sure, some folks have gone "all-Organic" or "Vegan" etc. but I'm talking about mind and spirit pollution and toxins.

It has been scientifically proven that if you verbally yell, curse, and abuse a glass of water, it will turn dark. If you do the same to a plant it will wither and die. What effect do you think this would have on us? We are co-Creators, along with God/Source/Life and as such have the power to create change. And first, we must begin within. Inside our own soul home ... the mind and body. Every single thought we have, is electrical energy. It goes somewhere. It has to manifest in form. The is LAW. The universal Law of cause and effect - karma, if you will.

What we experience, expose ourselves to, and think about will become our reality. It will manifest in form. There is no other way. This is not only acient Wisdom, philosophy, and spirtuality ... but it is proven scientific logic and reasoning. The entire universe is mind. Whatever the mind wills, is created in form. So perhaps we should shift our focus, clear our minds of bad things and worries, change the things we watch read and listen to. You can't clean your house using a bucket of dirt.

It's difficult to avoid a lot of bad things because they happen around us ... but you can control your own thoughts and your own actions. Don't slow down and stare at a car wreck, don't look at the unfortunate animal that didn't make it across the road in time, don't read or watch bad news, and do not hang around toxic people and toxic environments.

You will definitely see a positive change in your life and in those around you. A positive energy vibe can be felt by all ... and it is beneficial to all. Enjoy every moment ... we never know when it will be our last. Don't end up saying "I should've this and I should've that" ... stop shoulding on yourself and just do it. YOU can make it happen. Change what you do, and it is infectious. It may not stop the ongoingproblems all over the world, but it's a good place to start and it's somethin WE have control over. Ourselves and the choices we make.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.