Justin Taylor | Genesology


Do you ever pay attention to how quickly we can change our attitude in certain circumstances? It's remarkable. In a moments time we can flip a switch and go from ballistic, to docile and cheery. It also works the other way around. What is the trigger or the switch that enables is to accomplish this flawlessly, and every time we need to?

Let me give you an example. Let's say you're at a department store with your child. Your child has been in less than good behaviour mode the entire time. Perhaps it's because that toy or candy they wanted ... you said NO to it and now they can't let it go. It has possessed their mind. Finally, you've had enough, you get pushed to your limit, and you start yelling at your child and maybe even an arm pull or an in-your-face drastic warning. Just as you're in that mode, you happen to see a friend or a neighbor walking approaching. BAM. Just like that, your entire attitude and the direction it was taking ceases, reverses, and you become calm and happy as you greet your friend with a big happy smile.

This is power my friend. A very deep power that we have to change our attitude, alter our state of thought, restyle our reality, and present something entirely different than that state of mind where we just were. The first thing to notice is, your internal realization that your behaviour at that point would be considered socially, spiritually, and emotionally unacceptable. Particularly in public with multiple witnesses. So, there is something within, that has told you in the blink of an eye, that you were thinking, acting, and manifesting something unacceptable to your Spirit within. The second thing to notice is the speed in which you respond. In this case, it is reaction, which is immediate - versus response, which takes some calculating and additional thought processing. Your friend may have observed your earlier behaviour, but your were determined to replace that experience with a new one at the opposite end of the polarity spectrum in order to cover your butt.

Now let's look at it from the other way around. The same power that we have to switch off and turn around our wrongful reaction, is the same power we have to use it in reverse. The power within has no conscience, no guilt, no care about what you use it for. It just IS. So this same power within, that can take us from heated anger, to chill and tranquility, is the same power we use to go from chill and tranquility, to heated anger. We just need to learn a bit more management skills. If you can go from happy to mad, then you can go from mad to happy.

Something very important that we all need to learn and be aware of. Follow me closely on this. You ready? "No one can make you mad." I'm going to repeat this, no one can make you mad. No matter what they do or say, you have to make a conscious choice ... a decision ... to get mad. It is ALWAYS in your hands. How you react, or respond, is always under YOUR control. When I studied this deeply and spent intense thought on the subject, it was first difficult to accept. It was hard to understand. I had always been use to saying things like "he made me mad," or "that made me mad" when the real Truth is ... that I had to CHOOSE to get mad. It is a choice, and I am in control of my decisions, so therefore ... I can get choose to get mad, or I can choose not to get mad. It's all in my hands. I hold the power.

So in closing, exercise your power and authority within you, to do the right thing. Not because somebody saw you, but because it matters whether they do or they do not. YOU see it. Your Spirit, Soul, Higher Self sees it. You are guided by that still small Divine voice within you, but your ego screams loudly. Spirit will nudge, ego will shove. Take that extra minuscule moment and think about how you will respond, rather than the first reaction that takes no thought, nor considers the consequences it will bring.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.