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People really do ask me: “what’s wrong with you?” They also say: “you need a hobby, something to better spend your time.” At times, I’m even considered to be a “Conspiracy Theorist.” It’s all ok. I’m good, really. I have always researched ... everything. When I was a kid I would read encyclopedias in the bathroom, yeah a little weird but I did. If only I had an iPad back then, huh?

I’ve found out about a lot of things that I normally wouldn’t have known about. Alternative history, religion, philosophy, ancient Wisdom, mythology, spirituality, geography, astronomy, astrology, Astrotheology, world wars, ancient civilizations, the universe, psychology, alternative medicine, energy healing, shamanism, Chinese medicine, inner Earth, space, TV & Radio Broadcasting, networking, automotive history, wireless technology, lost worlds, alternate worlds, consciousness, mind and emotions, illnesses, cures, ethnic cultures, language origins, geographic origins, church history, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Zen, free masonry, Universal Law, man-made law, the Templars, ancient world monuments, the lost worlds of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Agartha, quantum physics, symbolism, metaphysics, science progress, electronics, radiation, wireless technology, music, music business and history, movies, celebrities, and probably a lot more than I can think of right now.

Do I enjoy it? Yes. Am I wasting my time? No. I just like to learn, and I LOVE to question. I question everything. I don’t take anything at face value or regurgitate information without investigation. I always try and find out who “they” are, because it seems that no matter what ... “they” said so. We know beyond a a shadow of a doubt that history has been changed, the Bible has been changed, the encyclopedias were changed, and medical practices have changed. Countless things have been either edited, altered, or changed ... even re-written from scratch.

I truly enjoy a good debate, but most of the time it turns dark and becomes a competition ... and argument ... and I hate arguing. Now, that being said ... I’m also told all the time to “stop arguing with people.” But, I don’t. I discuss, I debate, I present findings and alternative findings, and share freely everything I am able to discover. I do not take anybody’s word for it. Some may take that as arguing, but I don’t present that way. Perhaps its a distrust buried deep inside my subconscious mind, but nonetheless, people don’t always have our best interest in mind. I’ve experienced this for decades. Personal experiences. I’ve almost lost my life over medical error and medical misdiagnosis. I’ve had 7 cardiac implant surgeries, 6 heart ablation procedures, Chronic Lyme, Babesiosis, Thalassemia, and probably every childhood disease imaginable. I suffer daily from panic attacks, anxiety, and PTSD from a near death experience in 2012. I have good reason to investigate and seek the Truth no matter what.

My eyes have been opened numerous times. I have had countless A-HA moments in my Life. I have written over 600 articles in my Blog, freely sharing all my findings. Soon, my book will be finished and I hope to find a Publisher for my works. I have lost friends, gained friends, and have more than likely been blocked or unfollowed on Facebook by many. But its ok. Really its ok. I can do nothing other than speak my mind. Voicing my opinion is as important to me, as it is to you. We should all share our voice. I have never learned anything from someone that I agree with.

I’m a Southern West Virginia boy, born and raised in a small coal-mining town called Williamson, in the Tug River Valley of Mingo County, WV. I would lay awake at night and listen to the coal trains moving through town. The clanging of the cars, the squealing of the brakes, and the loading and transfer of coal in the cars. I would stare at the blinking lights of the radio tower high on the mountain outside my window. My grandfather ran a restaurant, feeding coal miners and soldiers traveling the rail system in and out of town. But this little boy had a dream. I looked beyond the mountains that surrounded our little town, and wondered what was out there. We had 3 TV channels and one radio station. Surely, there must be more over that mountain range? This is MY journey. I have had a lot of ups and downs, but I keep going. I’ve even survived death and returned for more. As a child in the 60’s, I was studied by one of the greatest Cardiologists ever at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center. The functionality of my complete heart-block from birth says I shouldn’t be here. But here I am. With lots left to do. An Implanted Cardiac Device (ICD) keeps me alive and has to be changed out surgically every 4 years. My heart will not beat on its own. I have an implanted cardio defibrillator. I have wires and screws running through my chest and in my heart. Im the Bionic Man. I’m determined, and I’m on a mission.

So in closing, with the same question I opened with: “What’s wrong with you?” Now you know. Now ... try and find out what’s right with me. That’s all I’m trying to do. Find out what’s right, and what’s beneficial for not just me, but for ALL. I long for the old days when people could just talk about things, and not offend or be offended. The Matrix of Consciousness connects all us us, in the realm of the unseen. This is the web that ties us all together as One. Separation, and division, is an illusion. Its a tactic used to conquer. But the Truth is ... there is no “other.” We are truly all One. One Spirit. One Consciousness, One race. The world can only progress with love, respect, compassion, understanding, and care. Negative emotions and actions will get us nowhere. History has proven that beyond the shadow of doubt.

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP.