Justin Taylor | Genesology


Most of us raised in a Christian Traditional Home have been spoon fed since birth, a series of beliefs concerning the faith that we follow or followed. The main belief of which is “don’t worry, God will take care of everything.” Or, “let go and let God.” Or “anything you ask in His name.” The problem with these now subconscious programs, is that they were lies ... at least from a literal and historical sense.

As we have grown and continue to experience what Life has to offer, we have seen much suffering and death. The question must come up “where is God” simply because we have been taught that this Superman from way above the sky will swoop down in a red cape and save us from everything ... if we “just believe.” Well, nothing could be further from the Truth.

The Power of God is not OUTSIDE of us. This power is resident WITHIN. God, the animator of ALL things, is experiencing Life through us, with us, and AS us. When we “call upon” this powerful force that encompasses the entire universe, we call upon the Power that is mostly dormant within us. The Superconsciousness that resides in high places ... like the mountains and clouds described in the Bible ... except that these high places reside in consciousness, not in the skies.

St. Paul said: “I travail in labor until the Christ be born in you.” THIS is the Divine Spark of God. This is the Christ Consciousness. Here, is where the Power is. Instead of calling upon some sky God outside of us and asking for miraculous intervention ... we call upon the Life Force within us to move forward with these “prayers.” To “pray without ceasing” as is stated in the Bible, is to recognize and call upon your own Divinity. In the Bible, a woman touches Jesus’ hem on his robe and she is healed of her disease. Jesus said “woman, it is your faith that healed you.” He didn’t say HE did it. He said her faith ... what she believed ... had healed her.

This faith is in the Power of the Divine that assists us in our endeavours. It was HER faith that healed her. The power of the Mind to manifest healing. The power of our thoughts to brewing forth in form the energy required for healing and restoring the body to homeostasis. “As a man thinks, he is.” “As a man thinketh in his mind, it is done unto him.” There is Truth to these statements. Our Subconscious Mind built our bodies inside our Mother’s womb. and, the heart came first ... before the brain. Our Subconscious Mind is designed to survive, to thrive, and to repair and damage to the body. This is programmed by natural cause.

The same Power that beats your heart, creates new cells, repairs bones and flesh, pumps your lungs, and provide electromagnetic energy to keep you alive is the same Power that animates ALL things. There is but ONE Mind ... the Mind of God/Source Energy. It is the Matrix of Consciousness ... the FIELD. This invisible pattern and archetype exists within this universe. We are ONE with each other. We are an individualized essence of the entirety of the whole (Holy). We are the microcosm of the macrocosm. When Jesus said: “do not your scriptures say that ye are little gods?” He wasn’t kidding. Everything emanates from the Source of all things that many simply call God.

Just something to ponder in this world of false separation and division. We can use our Conscious Mind, to implant creative Wisdom into the Subconscious Programs that have been coming at us for a Lifetime. WE can choose the right thing. There CAN BE unity, without uniformity. There can be peace on Earth. There can be goodwill to men. There can be “Heaven on Earth” ... IF, we would just come to the revelation that ancient scripture has a much deeper meaning that its surface stories. Read between the lines. “Knock, and the door shall be opened.” But ... as Morpheus said to Neo in The Matrix Movie ... “you have to walk through it.”

Just a thought ...

Justin Taylor, ORDM., D.D.