Justin Taylor | Genesology


If you are a Christian, you have inherited an illusory and distorted view of Christianity that was created by the Roman Universal (Catholic) Church in the 4th century CE. They mistakenly, and ignorantly focused their new empirical religion upon a literal and historical Christ figure and made him a man of sorrows. Taking upon the darkness of human sin single handedly as God in the flesh.

The suffering image of Christ tortured to death on a cross (crucifix) came about in the sixth century and has dominated the minds of it's followers ever since. The Roman Church accomplished this by fusion of mythological Sun-Gods plagiarized from ancient Pagan Wisdom and synthesizing it with the expected Hebrew Messiah, and created for the empire, and the world, a Christ Story that for thousands of years earlier had been mythological, mystical, allegorical, and metaphysical - and they created a new literal historical figure devised by Emperor Constantine and his collection of presbyters, bishops, sages, and Hierophants gathered at the First Council of Nicea in 325CE.

St. Paul, on the other hand, writes of the Gnostic Christ. The Cosmic Christ within mankind ... the Christ consciousness. Not a living breathing one-man God from Galilee, but the Divine living spark of God within mankind and all of creation. Paul's resurrection account was that of raising the Christ within, and putting to death the old man for the new. This power he said was asleep in us all and awaiting the spiritual awakening of our Souls. He had his own on the Road to Damascus. Only 6 of the 13 Epistles were actually believed to be written by him. The rest, by church scribes.

In the scripture, God calls us all to rightly discern the word of God. When we misread, mistranslate, and mislead, we are not only missing the hidden treasure buried in the field, but we are casting pearls before swine - missing the intended spiritual message of the Way, the Truth, and the Life. This is the "mystery" of the scriptures. In the Greek, the word mystery is Mysterion. It's definition is "hidden things, religious secrets, confided only to initiates, and not to ordinary mortals." These were apocalyptic messages. Apocalypse means to unveil that which is hidden - a Revelation.

This literal-historical fable of the Godman from Galilee can bring about no change in one's life or inner consciousness. But when the teachings are applied allegorically, they are as sound and True today as they were 10,000 years ago. Going to church on Sunday morning. listening to the same passion play over and over again, going through the same rituals, baptism, communion, and lighting candles staring at your watch wondering when it will end is not what the ancients had in mind when developing the Inner Mysteries of the Cosmic Christ.

The church today is dwindling. The numbers are dropping. Buildings are being closed, and torn down. The Roman Church is failing because it will not come forward and simply 'confess' it's sin of misleading for centuries the followers of modern day Christendom. It can be saved, and given new life, if they would just come out and release the ancient Wisdom that they so twisted and changed so much so that there is no personal empowerment for its adherents and followers. Instead, they have amassed a grand incalculable fortune in art, real estate, jewels, gold, and 66 miles of underground basement shelving full of the greatest secrets know to mankind with no public access.

Just a thought ...

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP., DM.